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About Us

Vox Pops International’s story began in 1988, with two employees, a computer and a slightly different name. Driven by a vision to redefine market research with, at the time, the new development of video, we set out to revolutionise the industry and capture the voice of the people. I saw the barriers in place within market research in that clients didn’t have anything tangible to visualise their customer. I also faced barriers myself being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry.

From basic beginnings without any editing equipment, to winning awards for our innovative animation studio, we’ve always embraced creativity and storytelling to transform how brands understand their customers.” – Diane Earnshaw, Founder and Chair of Vox Pops International

Award Winning Service

In 2023 our many years of hard work in delivering high quality services to our clients was recognised by the illustrious Aura Awards with us winning the coveted Innovation in the research and insight industry award!

This prestigious award is a testament to Vox Pops International’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the research and insight industry by developing our industry leading automated animation offering. Given that we were chosen for this award by more than 100 AURA members, the award represents a remarkable victory that we are incredibly proud of!

Employee Ownership Trust

Vox Pops International credits its success to its dedicated team. Recognizing this, the company has transitioned to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), making its employees the majority owners. This change aims to preserve the company’s legacy and promote a culture of innovation and collaboration. Founded 34 years ago, Vox Pops continues to focus on creating impactful video connections between brands and their audiences. This new structure empowers employees, aligning them directly with the company’s and their clients’ successes.

Vox Pops - Certified B-Corp

Certified B Corportation

Vox Pops International has earned B Corporation® certification, reinforcing its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This achievement highlights their efforts in sustainable practices and community involvement. Being part of the B Corp™ community, Vox Pops actively contributes to various sectors, collaborates with aligned suppliers, and supports employee ownership to boost engagement and performance. Learn more about their initiatives on the B Corporation UK website. See our B-Corp certification notice.

Our Team of Experts

Diane Earnshaw
Founder and Managing Director
John Earnshaw
Director of Operations and Finance
Peter Norris
Creative Director
Guy Hurst
Post Production Manager & DOP
Stephanie Earnshaw
Business Development Manager
Inga Udre
Video Producer
James Harker
Camera Operator & Editor
Alice Sunday
Senior Video Producer
Olivia Jarvis
Senior Video Producer
Patrick Berry
Camera Operator & Editor

Our History


Vox Pops International Established

Vox Pops International begins conducting filmed interviews with the public to visualise target audiences for market research. Pioneering the use of video in research, VPI creates a standardised qualitative research methodology to bring customers to life across the globe.

Images from video research conducted in 1994

As early as 1994

Long before the first camera phones, VPI is delivering video cameras to consumers around the world to create the first user-generated content. Motivated by the goal of using new video capabilities to transform qualitative research, VPI continues to innovate new ways of visualising customer insight.


Customer videos are now being used across a range of business functions. Sales managers are using product feedback videos in pitches to retailers. Training leaders are bringing customers’ voices into workshops. Customers are becoming more central to business decision making across the board. VPI are now creating customer insight portals to help with the sharing and re-use of video content – 6 years before the birth of YouTube!

Image of video research conducted in 1999.


The unprecedented success of customer videos, which are adding value by communicating insights more effectively, gives rise to a new fit-for-purpose form of content. Day in the life videos, persona videos and segmentation videos are new methods of illustrating target customer groups and increasing engagement with internal messages.


VPI has developed an in-house 2d animation studio. Organisations are investing more money into communicating research (as opposed to just conducting it) to ensure their research is impactful and adds real value. Working with the trend, VPI begins to offer animation as an alternative method of visualising data and communicating key facts.

Image of a hybrid video animation created in 2005.
Image from a video interview conducted in 2015.


The demand for customer voices and stories has increased. Genuine customers are featured in advertisements, testimonials are pride-of-place on company websites and target customers are increasingly present in brand identity. VPI’s experience in market research interviews and illustrative video storytelling allows us to grow naturally into this space, now creating videos for external use as well as internal.


VPI undergoes a new wave of innovation driven by advancements in technology. Automated Animations allow organisations create video reports that sync to data held in spreadsheets. Personalised video is launched to facilitate the mass-creation of thousands of videos, individual to each viewer. Video portals are enhanced to allow specialist functionality at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Image from an automated animation created in 2018.
Image from an animation created in 2019.


And now…

Vox Pops International has now set up an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) to put the leading consumer insight & animation firm into the hands of its people. As it continues to build connections between brands and the people they serve using video. Wether that is through internal customer videos, or by external customer-facing content. We are at the forefront of innovation in automated video and have lots planned in this space already. Get in touch to find out how we can help.