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Corporate Overview

Employee-Owned Enterprise

Vox Pops became an employee-owned company in December 2021, which is controlled by an Employee Ownership Trust, of which staff are the main beneficiaries. It is a progressive business model where staff have a ‘significant and meaningful’ financial stake in the business and a say in how it’s run.

As co-owners, staff in employee-owned businesses tend to be more entrepreneurial and committed to the company and its success. As they typically have high employment standards, involve staff and give everyone a stake. We are proud to be employee owned and have a fantastic team.

Certified B-Corporation

Vox Pops has achieved B-Corp Certification which confirms that our business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. It demonstrates we are a very good corporate citizen which cares about its’ staff, the environment and making a positive contribution to the community and society.

B-Corps out-perform their UK peers through greater employee retention, engagement and diversity, more robust governance, greater focus on civic and community engagement and higher levels of innovation.

See our B-Corp certification notice.


Vox Pops has always employed a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds, gender, race and religions. It is the clear path of ambition, knowledge, skill and attitude which are important factors for the success of the company and employing a diverse workforce reinforces this. Vox Pops has always been supportive of people from a variety of backgrounds, and which are or have been excellent constituents of our team.

Women Involvement

Prior to becoming an Employee-Owned Enterprise, Vox Pops was a certified Women’s Business Enterprise. The makeup of the business is a normally a near 50/50 gender split.


Vox Pops has employed people with physical & mental disabilities and sponsored students from Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled, near to our base in Surrey, for work experience. We are mindful of disabilities and supportive of this community where and when we can.

Supporting Students & Education

The company has a strong history of supporting and offering work experience to students at school, college and University levels. Vox Pops has sponsored a number of international students on the Leonardo da Vinci and other international work experience programmes.


For the past 10 years, Vox Pops has directly sponsored 2 children abroad through Plan International and contributes monthly to Shelter, a UK charity for the homeless. We also carry out pro-bono or preferential rate work for many charities such as Mind, Macmillan Cancer Support, World Vision, Missing People, International Health Partners, SSAFA and others. In December 2023, in lieu of Christmas cards to clients, Vox Pops made donations to Age UK, Cancer Research, The Red Cross and Stem4.org – our local charity which promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them.

SME Classification

With 10-12 full time staff and a turnover of around £1 million GBP annually we are considered a small to medium enterprise.

Supplier Qualification & Compliance

Vox Pops is registered with and validated by Achilles for supplier pre-qualification, risk management and compliance. Achilles is a global leader for supply chain risk and performance management and are committed to the sustainability and performance of the businesses that they work with. They collect and validate supplier data and mitigate risks globally.

Vox Pops has satisfied all requirements and is registered on the FSQS supplier qualification system, as set out by participating buying organisations. FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) is a community of financial institutions including banks, building societies, insurance companies and investment services, to establish a standard for managing the increasing complexity of third and fourth-party information needed to demonstrate compliance to regulators, policies and governance controls.

GDPR Compliant

Vox Pops is fully GDPR compliant, and we recognise the importance of GDPR as a legal requirement to ensure client and consumer protection of their data. We use secure GDPR compliant cloud-based systems which encrypt data at rest and in transit. Most of our clients are large, blue-chip organisations which have stringent requirements in terms of GDPR and confidentiality. We review the requirements of each of our clients on a contract or project by project basis and we only work with suppliers which can guarantee GDPR adherence.

Vox Pops Competitive Advantage

Vox Pops is known for high quality output which is why so many blue chip companies such as Accenture, Barclays, BBC, Camelot, Channel 4, Costa, Cvent, Diageo, HSBC, Netflix, RHS, Sky & Unilever use us. We are agile and very experienced in video-based consumer feedback which we pioneered as a company back in the early 1990s. Vox Pops is derived from the Latin ‘Vox Populi’ or Voice of the People and through the powerful medium of video, we have been able to help put the consumer at the heart of organisations and make their voices heard. We have also developed considerable expertise in animation and offer an exclusive automated animations service. As a company which has worked in the field of consumer research & insight for many years, we are uniquely positioned to understand and meet the needs of marketers, HR & insight teams for internal and external communications, training, insight and engagement.

Recommended as an exceptional supplier by our clients We typically achieve 10/10 scores on most of our client projects and have many very positive testimonials. To hear testimonials from our clients, please go to: https://www.voxpops.com/client-testimonials/ We believe Vox Pops International is an exceptional agency, with a real focus on making a difference in the world and to our clients…

For more information contact us at: enquiry@voxpops.com, or call us on 020 8786 8855

UK Company Number: 02265768
Registered Address: Glanmire Farm, Rushett Lane, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7TR, UK

Operational Address: Highlands House, 165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1NE