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Do you want an easy way to earn money for through your connections and opinions? If so Vox Pops International has a simple way for you to do just that. With a Vox Pops account the process couldn’t be simpler and you can learn everything you need to know right here.

Get paid for your connections!

The Vox Pops Referral Scheme

What is the Vox Pops Referral Scheme?

The Vox Pops referral scheme allows our account holders to get paid for referring people to us. We provide all account holders with a unique Vox Posps Referral ID and custom registration link that they can provide to people to use when signing up for their own Vox Pops Accounts.

Should any of the people you refer to us be used in any of our videos you will receive a payment. This payment will occur every time they used in a project and we often use people who are good in front of camera in multiple projects. This is a excellent way to make money and all you have to do is send them a link we provide or give them your unique ID to register with.

How does it work?

Our referral scheme is our way of growing our participant pool. To earn money with us from referrals all you need to do is create and login to your account. In your profile. Here you will be able to find your Vox Pops Referral ID and your unique registration link. If you send these to people you know who may be interested in appearing in our videos, and they join our participant pool using your referral ID. We will notify you if someone you referred to us is used in a project and pay you occordingly.

How much does it pay?

At present we pay £25 per referral and this is paid upon completion of the project that the person you sent to us was involved in. 

Get paid for your opinions!

The Vox Pops Participant Pool

What is the Vox Pops Participant Pool?

The Vox Pops Participant Pool is our list of people who wish to earn money by providing their opinions and feedback in our videos. Anyone who appears in our videos will of course be paid for the privilege and our pool houses all the data we collect from them to determine who bests suits a specific video.

Our pool currently contains people from all over the world and the people in it have been earning with us for many years. Yet we are always looking for more onscreen talent. Now we have improved our process to join the pool, it has never been easier to earn money with us. So don’t delay, create your account today and begin earning with Vox Pops!

How does it work?

When you create your account and tell us you want to join the pool we make a series of questions available to you. We collect these answer and search through the responses when a project comes up to determine which pool participant best fits the profile required for the project. If you are selected we will then get in touch to see if you are available and willing to be filmed on the project. If you are, we will meet you for the shoot and pay you for your time.

How much does it pay?

Our participation fees vary based on the demands of the project. These can go as high as £250 in some cases so it is definitely something well worth signing up for! After all you can always say no to any project you are not interested in. 

How to Join

Joining the Referral Scheme

To join the Vox Pops Referral Scheme all you need to do is register an account with us. Once you have filled out our short registration form and verified your email you will be able to login to your Vox Pops account and access your profile. Here you will be able to find your Vox Pops Referral ID and your unique registration link.

Joining the Participant Pool

When signing up to your Vox Pops account we will ask you if you wish to join The Vox Pops Participant Pool. If you answer yes to this question, when you login to your account you can edit your profile to find some questions for you to answer. Answer as many of these as you feel comfortable, agree our terms and conditions and thats it! The more questions you answer, the more likely you are to be selected for use in our videos, but don’t feel that you have to answer anything you don’t want to.

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