Vox Pops International has won the “Innovation of the Year Award” at the AURA Awards 2023!

This prestigious award is a testament to Vox Pops International’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the research and insight industry by developing an automated animation offering. Given that it was chosen by more than 100 AURA members, the award was a particularly remarkable victory!

“We have won the Innovation of the Year Award. It’s a really fantastic recognition of the hard work that we have put in to develop a really engaging new product for our clients” – Peter Norris, Creative Director

The AURA Awards also recognised Vox Pops’ partnership with Sky who won the ROI Award: Larger Budget.

“Winning is great, and another highlight is Sky winning too. They are one of our best clients.” – Diane Earnshaw, Managing Director

“So proud of the team winning, recognising the full team collaboration that brought together existing tracker data with a new Cost of Living tracker and brought to life by excellent in-home interviews filmed by Vox Pops International”- Sarah Jousiffe, Head of Research

For yet another fantastic awards show year, Vox Pops International collaborated with AURA to produce their video material for the night. The team filmed and interviewed industry leaders in the field of research and insight from the likes of Kantar, Barclays and HSBC.

Vox Pops International’s win came from their automated animation feature, which is an impactful tool for data visualisation. Are you curious to know how it can be optimised for your company?

Please see this blog post here, or reach out to peter@voxpops.com for a free demo.

Written By
Diane Earnshaw
Managing Director

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