The impact of using animation in marketing

So you’ve got an idea of how you could use animation in marketing. Here’s everything you need to know before commissioning your first (or next) video. Contact us for a free quote.

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What are the cost of animations?

Basic animations usually cost around £4,000. This might seem daunting when looking to create your first marketing animation. However, some clients today are choosing to pay more than double that for the most visually engaging, complex creations.

Vox Pops International offer varying complexity levels to accommodate for different budgets and audiences.

Continue reading to find out why leading brands are investing in marketing animations and why 52% of marketers say video is the type of content with the best ROI.

Why video is your best tool for content marketing

Video content gets your message across. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Video communications convey brand messages, explain new services, summarise business processes and communicate with your customers more efficiently. This allows your customers to find key information without being confronted by roadblocks.

Video content is also more memorable. In a recent study, Insivia found that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading written text. By embedding your marketing communications, video content helps you to cement yourselves as the ‘go-to’ brand. These two factors are so impactful that according to Forbes, marketers using video see (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue than those who are not.

Animations deliver your message better

Animations allow you to go beyond the normal realms of visual representation. A great example of this is a marketing animation we produced recently, which told the story of two brave, event and hotel heroes. The heroes were faced by obstacles such as The Haunted Lands of Generic Booking Experiences, The Caves of Last-Minute Registration and The Dragon of Attrition Risk. To overcome these challenges, the heroes found their way to a magical sword that represented the new service offered by our client. This shows just how creative you can get when transforming corporate messages into memorable stories.

Animations also allow you to talk about sensitive subjects in an appropriate and informative tone. Replacing real people with characters means animations are less intimate and emotional than filmed video. This has helped us to approach subjects such as consumers struggling with debt for Barclays, and Co-op Funeralcares Cremation Without Ceremony service. In both of these cases, using animation has ensured that the tone is kept informative and the focus is centred around the message.

Get in touch to storyboard your own animation

Animations improve UX

Using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more (Forbes).

Marketing animations are a great way to improve user experience on your website and drive sales through your online business. Customers today expect a simple online experience where relevant information is immediately accessible. Use marketing animations to provide your customers with the information they need and guide them through your online sales process.

The digital nature of animations means they are well suited for use on your company website. Create interest in the discussion topic by using fun visuals to embed the voiceover. This type of visual communication feels more educational and less like a sales pitch than if you were to use a staff explainer. Ultimately, marketing animations encourage engagement, communicate key information and improve the online customer experience.

Boost engagement by using animations for social media

Social media animations are a great way of increasing engagement with your brand, product or services.

Social media posts containing video content generate 1200% more shares than link and image-based posts combined.

Social media marketing content needs to be short, sweet and eye-catching. Animations are visually engaging and concise. This increases your chances of freezing someone’s finger mid-scroll. You can also design animations that convey brand information without the need for sound. Considering that roughly 85% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute, this provides a great opportunity to increase the reach of your brand messages.

Other options for social media that are increasing in popularity are custom gifs and animated logos. These short moving images will auto-play and loop, helping your brand stand out on a social media feed.

In 2018, marketing efforts across the board are becoming more automated and personalised. Email campaigns are segmented, online ads are targetted and content is more tailored than ever.

Create multiple versions of one core animation, all tailored to your individual subscribers. Personalised animation is an innovative new solution that allows you to generate tailored video content by syncing data in a spreadsheet with a template animation.

Individual features range from using your customers’ name, company, address etc. to creating detailed characters that match certain typographies or customer segments. By using the power of automation to produce multiple videos at once, this service is extremely cost-effective.

Creating your own marketing animations

Animation creator websites which allow you to make your own basic animations are now common online. These websites are a good example of the demand for corporate animations. If kept simple, they can be a viable alternative to PowerPoint and other common presentation tools.

That said, creating your own animation is almost guaranteed to take longer than you expect. By the time you’ve written a storyboard, recorded your voiceover, created a first draft, realised you sound awful on tape, paid for a professional voiceover, matched the animation to the new audio timings, cut it down because it’s too long, adjusted the voiceover again, re-jigged the timings and finally created your animation – you may well have invested more time and money than if you’d have paid for a high quality, professional animation.

Our advice would be, if you have an idea then go with it. Professional marketing animations offer measurable value by improving user experience, engaging social media users, embedding brand messages, increasing customer closeness, personalising email marketing, boosting promotional reach and more. Talk to an expert if you want to use animation in marketing. Collaborate with a professional to storyboard an idea and produce a marketing animation that your customers get real benefit from.

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