International Hopes and Fears for 2023

Recently we used our global video diaries pool of participants to ask key questions. We conduct mobile ethnography for leading international brands and we wanted to get a quick snapshot of thoughts and opinions at the beginning of this new year.

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This included the subjects of the cost of living, which brands are helping people the most, and hopes and fears for the year to come. We interviewed individuals from Argentina, Hong Kong, the UK, USA, Spain, India, Turkey, Norway, and South Africa. Jumping into these individuals’ homes helped portray a unique snapshot of the person and harness personal insight at their comfort.

What did we discover were people’s hopes and fears?

Immediate contrasts and similarities highlight the power of video diaries. From the global struggle of the cost of living crisis and equal hope that global conflict will come to an end. There was also the contrast in people’s favoured brands due to their living situations, for example how our diarist in the UK is very environmentally conscious and the one in the USA is most concerned with items you can buy in bulk.

Video Diaries allowed us to jump across the world and interview individuals who see the globe from very different perspectives. This was of course just a snapshot of what you can find out from interviewing a catalogue of people. An international scope was used on this occasion to discover a global perspective on broad topics, however, mobile ethnography is just as powerful being employed to discover an individual segment. For example, we used user-generated content when working with California Walnuts when promoting a new marketing campaign around an individual product.

Below is an edited snapshot of what we found out from this international audience. However, if you wanted to know more about this study, just get in touch and we can tell you more!

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Written By
Olivia Jarvis
Video Producer

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