The brief

California Walnuts wanted to engage audiences with their new marketing campaign, ‘The Power of 3’. Set for release during Heart Month 2020, the initiative would engage audiences with the nutritional value of walnuts; packed full of Omega 3, eaten 3 times a week, at 30g per portion – one step towards keeping your heart healthy. Here is some information on the whole campaign in their newsletter.

As part of their campaign, California Walnuts wanted to create a video that would generate global reach. The video needed to be inspiring, informative, but most importantly…fun! It was also imperative that the video didn’t feel too corporate, that’s why we suggested using consumer-generated content.

How we did it

A little rough around the edges, consumer-generated video puts your audience into the driver seat. It allows them to add a little bit of their personality into your video, which humanises your brand and increases audience engagement.

With respondents taking part in the US, Spain, UK, UAE, Korea, India, Germany, Turkey, and Japan – we created a bespoke task guide which provided participants with tips on filming, where to send their footage, and directions to follow, such as: grabbing a bag of walnuts and filming yourself making your favourite dish, and getting together with friends to exercise etc.

As the consumer-generated videos began to flood in, we received varying experiences and usages of California Walnuts, both personal to the consumer and in some circumstances, their culture.

Whilst the footage could have been used as stand-alone content, we also incorporated animated text to hammer home key information about The Power of 3. The text, icons, and logos were all created in line with California Walnut’s branding to ensure the piece was true to them.

As the final video would be used across all social media platforms, we created alternative versions with varying lengths and sizes to avoid any restrictions – the videos have since been shared across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and the California Walnuts website.

The result

The final video allowed California Walnuts to create global content without the expenditure of using a video production crew. Resulting in fun, educational, informative, and quirky end video! In addition to date To date the video has been viewed over 500,000 times on social media.

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