How Video is Used in Business 2022

For over 30 years we’ve been delivering professional video insights, research, production, and animation to our clients and have become a leading provider in this field. Throughout our lifespan, we’ve adapted to changing video insights, research methodologies, production, styles and formats, technology, and new businesses and client needs. Working in an ever-changing and growing industry, it’s imperative to check in with our clients and contacts to gather an up-to-date understanding of how they’re using video and what they need and want from it. This year, in 2022, as the world tries to get back to normal, we felt it was important to hear from contacts and clients about how they’re using video now and how they plan to in the future

We invited our clients to take part in a survey that explores how they’re using video in 2022 and how they expect to do so in the future. Our clients typically work in one of the three departments below, though we had more respondents in the first two categories since the majority of our clients are in those fields, with marketing and insight-related professionals accounting for the majority of responses.

How has the Pandemic affected Video?

The first quarter of 2022 saw the first decline in market research budgets since early 2021, according to Research Live. External economic and environmental factors always play a massive role within the video production industry.  So it is interesting to learn that despite a decrease in budgets and net spending, the amount of video content being  produced through the pandemic had increased in all industries. The underlying need for video has promoted innovative ways to capture content and audiences. 71% of individuals across all departments say that their use of video has stayed  the same or increased. 47% of participants stated that they have created more video, despite all the challenges.

Online moderated video interviews stood out despite the insight industries’ past preference for in-person filming approaches, pandemic restrictions meant strategies had to change.

There was a massive change in direction to allow video to remain a part of various business strategies. Encapsulated by huge uptakes in Video Diaries and UGC, we explored safer ways to capture the life of consumers. An approach that has now remained at the forefront of video. As user-generated content has proven to help create in-depth insights in the comfort of your audience’s home. Allowing researchers to better understand a customer’s journey, marketers to better connect with their demographic, and internal communications to learn more about their teams.

Read more about UGC, below.

Video use in Marketing

The three types of video seen as most beneficial to marketing are; social media content (40%), Vox Pops interviews (27%), and animation (20%). In separate questioning, 80% of marketers further stated that they use video for social media. GWI1 explored the power of advertising on social media and concluded that 26% of users buy from social media promotions. Research has proven that social media is the focus of marketing video strategy, as the best channel to connect with audiences.

See below how social media animation connected Innocent Drinks to their audience and how Vox Pops is bringing events back to life.

innocent drinks butterfly

Innocent Drinks: Become a Butterfly Saviour

women holding flowers

RHS: Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

Video use in Insight and Market Research

In our 2020 report, the majority of responses covered  just three video methods; Online video interviews (58%), Filmed  depth interviews (50%), and Vox Pops interviews (44%).

Initial differences are highlighted between the insight and marketing industries. Whereby while marketing professionals have now adopted and stuck with remote approaches to film gathered as a result of the pandemic. Insight and market research professionals are moving back to in-person filming as quickly as possible.

The use of online moderated interviews has dropped significantly since the lifting of restrictions, from 58% to 33%. Due to both a new array of ways to capture video, such as self-filmed and moderated in interviews and a restored faith in in-person filming. Vox Pop interviews remain at the heart of video research and have seen a huge boost through the lifting of restrictions and the revival of the events industry. 83% of researchers stated that they are looking to use video more over the next two years, and the only reason they wouldn’t is through market unpredictability, born out of pandemic fears.

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