What is a Video Diary?

Video Diaries are an online qualitative tool research best used to collect data for the day-to-day activities and responses of particularly audiences, through video. The videos are self-recorded by participants and then moderated by Vox Pops International. Key benefits include being able to ‘walk a mile’ within your audiences’ shoes while watching practical reasoning for any thoughts or decisions that they make. With the benefit of supplementary photography and communication with moderators, audiences are easily guided around any subject matter to produce unique and fresh content for all marketing, insight, and internal communications projects. 

The popularity of Video Diaries sky-rocketed through the pandemic. As we searched for safe ways to conduct research and marketing projects with video diaries coming up trumps. Proving how easy it is to gather actionable data and opinions, virtually. Not only is it easy, but it is also super engaging. Just look at how important influencer marketing and platforms such as TikTok are to modern communications and advertisement strategies. Stepping into the world of your audience brings opinions to life, making insight real.

Check out Video Diary examples from one of our Video Diaries Pool, as we explored how audiences had been effected by the cost of living crisis


How do Video Diaries work?

From proposal to delivery, any video diary project can be as simple as any other video production task, if not easier! 6 easy steps have been streamlined by Vox Pops International through our experience with countless ethnography projects. Vox Pops International has also collected a library of trusted names and faces ready to go for any video diary project. Making sure the kick-off of your project is seamless from enquiry

Even if your requirements are a little more particular, whether that be a certain age demographic, particular audience interest, or even country of residence, recruitment is a straightforward process we have become accustomed to. Our production experts make sure that every individual behind the camera is perfect for your project. Briefing guides and training modules are well-oiled processes that make sure your project is completed smoothly, with no unexpected hiccups. While postproduction is another process you can be as involved as you please, ensuring your final edit is perfect!

It takes just 6 simple steps to unlock your audience. 


What can Video Diaries be used for?

There are no boundaries for video diaries. Whether looking to create marketing campaigns for upcoming events, internal communications projects while working at home, or insight for a new product range. Alongside internal use for our Video Diaries Pool, we have helped countless businesses unlock their audiences and deliver messages through video diaries. Have a look for yourself below, with examples from Spire Healthcare and California Walnuts

There is no job too big, or too small. Video Diaries are amazing at reaching any audience, whether that is to ask questions about recent events, such as with our Video Diaries Pool, or to gather consumer journey’s from across the world, such as with California Walnuts’ global user-generated marketing campaign. 

The Key Benefits of Video Diaries

Cost Effective

Cut costs on traditional production through self-filmed video.

Time Efficient

Our streamlined 6 step process guarantees you results to fit within your project requirements

Versatile Video

Create video which can be uploaded, liked, and shared on any platform. Making sure your content is seen.

Unlimited Reach

Reach any audience from the comfort of your own desk. Our global connections means we can find your audience, wherever they are!

Happy Audiences

Our studies have proven that individuals have begun to prefer using video diaries to give their opinions! Create natural insights by taking your research to your audience.

Guaranteed Quality

Use our experts to harness the best results possible for your project.

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