How we are keeping going through these strange times

As the situation with the covid crisis continues, we want to assure you that VPI is still operating. Up until this week we’ve been focussing on animation, editing and video diaries.

Now that people are allowed to go to work if they can’t do so from home, we are offering outdoor filming and interviewing. We of course observe social distancing and film from a distance. Audio is captured in such a way that protects both our crew and those being interviewed.

So please contact us if you would like to talk about a project.

And here is more information about methodologies that will allow you to deliver on your objectives whilst operating in a responsible manner throughout this difficult period.


Animation is the first style of video content on this list that can be created in complete isolation. These videos are a great way to summarise and present your message. Visual aids and illustrations simplify complex information and increase viewer comprehension. Effective visual communication also makes these videos perfect for use online or on social media, as they can be designed to work effectively without the need for sound.

Common use-cases include:

  1. Website explainer videos
  2. Internal presentations
  3. Research summaries
  4. Social media content

Video Diaries

Generate, curate and create video content remotely using mobile diaries. Commonly seen in both research and comms spheres, mobile diaries provide a window into participants worlds. This is an authentic approach that allows you to create intimate, relatable and engaging content.

Mobile diary projects run by VPI are managed by humans, not software. Our research trained producers engage with participants in real-time, as the footage is submitted, moderating responses and probing for added insight. Outputs from these projects will differ depending on the objective for the project, see below a few popular use-cases:

1) Qualitative research

Conduct qualitative research interviews remotely using moderated mobile diaries. VPI moderators delve into any given topic matter by interacting with the respondent via online chat. Gain the depth of insights that in-person interviews allow by visualising your participants through video. Ask consumers to feedback on campaigns, packaging, designs and get them interacting with your product or service. Edit and share this footage with your colleagues to present findings and land your message.

2) Ethnographic research

Due to the ‘in-the-moment’ nature of mobile diaries, this approach lends itself perfectly to ethnographic research. Follow respondents for a duration of time, tracking key touch points throughout any customer journey. See how respondents’ lives, attitudes and opinions change throughout the project. Create different edits for each respondent / demographic / topic to communicate using summary pieces.

3) Marketing content

Customers’ faces are increasingly common in brand marketing and this can take a variety of forms. User generated content is a great way to show product engagement, capture authentic testimonials, show engagement with your target groups and create an approachable brand tone. User generated content works well edited alongside home footage / photographs, as well as stock footage and other clips. Get in touch if you would like to explore how this might work for you.

4) Internal comms

Throughout this period, many companies will be operating completely remotely. Short mobile diary entries from colleagues allow teams to share experiences and anecdotes with each other. This is a great way to keep up moral by injecting a bit of fun and making each other smile.

Video Portals

Video portals are your personalised one-stop-shop for video & file sharing. Facilitate immediate video sharing across different households, offices, countries and time-zones. These portals have a host of functions specifically designed to get more value from your video content. From interactive transcripts, to built in cut & crop tools and smart search features. If your team need somewhere to host and manage videos, these portals are available on both a 1 time cost and subscription basis. Get in touch for more info on pricing and a full list of features.

Other ideas

If you have any additional ideas for potential projects, please get in touch to discuss. This blog serves to provide a few ideas for the type of projects we are running, but we are not limited to what is written here. We would love to talk to you to fund out how we might be able to help.

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