“Unlock the Power of Customer Insights and Elevate Your Business by tapping into #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay.”

Get to know your customers day is a new quarterly social media initiative that is aimed at companies to encourage them to think and dedicate the day to making deeper connections with the people who fuel their businesses. It takes place on the 3rd Thursday in April, July, October and January.

At Vox Pops International, we are passionate about bringing the voice of the customer into organisations. By getting to know customers better, companies and brands improve overall business success, in all sorts of ways. This includes marketing, social media, packaging, distribution, advertising, customer service and influencing board level decisions.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you, these videos are great. They are perfect to be used. Thank you as ever – it’s been fantastic working with you. We really appreciate the speed and flexibility.”


We have over 35 years experience in the market research industry as well as in video production. We recruit, film and interview customers in all sorts of situations, be it on the streets, in supermarkets, at home or online. We compile our findings and information into engaging videos, short and longer form. These are then used to share and embed customer opinion throughout companies, for social media and internal communications and training.

Client Testimonial

“We’re really happy with the energy and the key messages of the video. Well done (VPI Team) for eliciting and capturing such positivity, it’s turned out great!”

Cinema First

To celebrate #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay we are offering a special Vox Pop package to help you get to know your customers!

We will produce:

  • 3 social media edits (9:16 format, which is best for short-form content) for c1 minute
  • 3 longer in depth videos of c2 minutes
  • At the end of the 3 phases we will produce a round up video of c3 minutes

The videos will include your branding. This will be done and ready for you for the big day when you can share the videos with your wider audiences.

This year-long package is priced at £16,675 ex VAT and if you commission before the end of March 2024 you will receive a huge 15% off, bringing it to £14,500 ex VAT.

Written By
Stephanie Earnshaw
Business Development Manager

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