Consumer Health Habits for 2023

Happy New Year! With 2023 well underway we took our Pool to the streets of Manchester to find out about consumer health habits. The Pool is a monthly syndicated video shoot where we get opinions from the British public through intercepting street interviews. Clients include 2 questions, and we get to ask what we are interested in as well! On this shoot we decided to ask people about the healthy habits they’re implementing in 2023 and the kinds of foods they choose to eat.

“People are setting better boundaries, putting themselves first and practising more self-love. This was so great to hear!”

What’s different about consumer health habits?

I’m sure we’ve all tried to stick with a new year’s resolution – whether that be reading more, joining the gym, or trying a new hobby. Asking people about their progress so far in 2023 uncovered some interesting themes and some changing priorities. For a long time, any questions about health were immediately met with assumptions only about physical well-being. This time around answers had much more focused on the importance of keeping a balanced and healthy mental state. As a result, it seems that in 2023 people are focusing on their health in a much more relaxed and positive way.

This is extended in answers that too surrounded physical health, with people highlighting that they are making these changes for well-being reason. Largely, people are much more worried about their mental health and happiness than aesthetics, which is super positive. All the ‘physical’ changes that they’re trying to make are linked to their overall health and wellbeing. Positive social habits where also touched upon with lots of people telling us that they are choosing to walk more or join a yoga class for not only fitness but to meet new people. While being social is something a lot of us stride towards, it was importantly noted by respondents that this is out personal progression, rather than needing to fit into a crowd. People are setting better boundaries, putting themselves first and practising more self-love. This was so great to hear!

When asked about food habits most people said that they are trying to be healthier and eat more organically but they aren’t putting pressure on themselves because ‘life’s too short’. They spoke about not checking labels for things like protein or calories etc but instead just trying to ensure that they’re eating a balanced diet. Most people agreed that if you have a ‘balance’ you can eat well and enjoy food without being unhealthy.

Hearing these responses from so many people of all ages, genders and backgrounds was so refreshing! 2023 is the year of self-positivity and healthy habits and we are so excited!

Written By
Olivia Jarvis
Video Producer

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