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Vox Pops International Shortlisted for 2 AURA Awards

Vox Pops International has been shortlisted for two AURA awards this year

AURA is The UK’s biggest clientside research networking and events organisation.  We are delighted to be included in the shortlist for 2 Aura awards – The Innovation of the Year Award – and The Insight Impact Award, submitted by Sky as a joint submission.

The Innovation Award

For the innovation Aura award we are showcasing our unique Automated Animation service, which we use with clients to create a series of animations, all based on a template that is created and changes at the touch of a button, by changing and altering data in a spreadsheet.  It provides clients with animated videos that present research findings in a memorable, impactful and engaging way.  It is used for multi-country surveys, for social media reporting, marketing metrics and much more.

It’s a cost-effective way to create numerous animations for clients to help them embed their data and insights throughout their company and the wider public.

Here is a link to a video and a blog about Automated Animations to provide more information about this unique service.

The Insight Impact Award

For the Insight Impact Award Sky have put forward the project we worked on with them about the cost of living and how it was impacting households, specifically the hard choices that are being made and the role Sky was playing in their lives.  We conducted in home interviews to build on existing data to capture engaging, revealing, fly-on-the-wall footage from a diverse range of households.  This was edited into professional quality videos that were used across their business.

For examples of our in home style, here is a link to a case study for Channel 4 for their Black to Front initiative.  Our client also won an award for this work.

“It was such an honour to win, and the video was such an essential part of that project”

We are so proud that using video and animation to present research findings is now becoming more mainstream.  The type of work we have been doing for over 30 years, including vox pops, video diaries, depths, consumer documentaries and animations play an important role in bringing people, consumers, and data to life in a way that engages and influences audiences.  In today’s age of Tik Tok, YouTube where video content is everywhere, it’s not surprising that businesses are looking to harness it more to get across their messages, both internally and externally.

Written By
Diane Earnshaw
Managing Director

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