Moving into 2022 sustainably

Sustainability and responsible living have been huge topics in recent times, no more so than throughout the year of 2021. It is more important than ever to move into the new year with a clear mindset as to how you can make an individual difference through sustainable living.

This theme peaked in relevancy through the COP26 and other movements such as the Climate Pledge. Movements that proved to share a common goal with most consumers, who despite not always knowing specifics, always relate to producers doing more for the planet. See the segment of our November Vox Pop Pool below as we asked what consumers thought about the Climate Pledge.

Themes of common goals and the need for change are being clearly carried over through the festive period and into the new year. In our December Vox Pops Pool, we asked what consumers were doing to be sustainable over the festive period. From travel to wrapping paper, it’s clear we have a lot of ideas about how we can do better for the planet.

We have clearly learned a lot over the last year. Two examples of our Vox Pops Pool only heighten our concerns about issues surrounding sustainability, but how can we change for the better going into 2022? Well, we got in touch with some trusted faces through intimate video diaries to find out what their hopes and fears are going into the new year. From the social responsibility of brands to predictions of change in 2022, responses make for a very interesting watch.

Changes in the world in 2022

Quite rightly the effects of the Pandemic are still ringing throughout people’s thoughts. Mainly engulfed in financial fears and knock-on effects that have been felt worldwide. It has impacted vast areas of the working world, as we see hybrid workloads becoming more and more prevalent through the growing digitisation of the world, twinned with the impact of Covid restrictions and concerns.

However, it’s not just fear that is held for the future. The prospect of life finally getting back to normal is keeping many of us going. Focusing on the positives is a commendable view that some have taken as we learn how to be the best we can be and take these better traits into next year.

Our hopes and fears for 2022

From not having to wear a mask, to getting back on the plane to somewhere sunny, it is clear there is a longing hope for life to get back to how it was. People hope that all the fear and speculation of the last few years will ease as we find a way out of recent uncertainty, with a strong hope that everyone plays their part. There seems a real need for greater collaboration, and perhaps sacrifice as we edge to normality, or whatever that might mean in the now not so distant future.

Unsurprisingly fears stem from the long-reaching shadow of Covid-19, unfortunately still masking the future as we enter the new year. Financial implications also carry great weight as fuel and gas prices see little sign of slowing down. Mental health thirdly is quite rightly in focus, as another major issue we all hope to battle successfully against.

Social Responsibility in brands

Environmental footprints and positive changes are key influences in consumer choice. It is even clearer how these sustainable brands stay in the mind of the consumer. With this it is critical that they not only keep up with the world but are seen to be making a positive and lasting impact beyond just being sustainable.

Transparency through plans and just cause is crucial for brands. In an age of such easily found information, it is so important that brands adhere to their promises and treat their consumers, as well as the planet, with respect.

Spending changes in 2022

Consumers are looking at their financial outgoings more and more cautiously. The pandemic perhaps taught us that we don’t need to be so frivolous with our spending habits. Uncertainty of not knowing what might be around the corner has clearly had a lasting impact on habits, so there is a greater need to prepare for an array of eventualities. This includes being more certain what is a necessity and what we can live without.

Such certainties also stem from our impact on the planet. From whom we choose as a brand, to what we buy. It is clear that impact starts on an individual level and it is important that everyone plays their part.

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