All I want for Christmas is… A different news story!

When it comes to wishes for 2019, consumers aren’t actually asking for much this Christmas. In fact, many are simply looking for the coming year to be a nice, easy, and normal year!

With the political roller-coaster that is Brexit, as well as the turbulent Trump saga, consumers are keen to leave 2018 and its monotonous news stories behind. For many, a swift resolution to Brexit is unsurprisingly at the very top of the wish list. Consumers are keen for it to come to a ‘sensible’ conclusion as soon as possible so that they don’t have to keep hearing about it. Many also mention wanting to see an end to the divisiveness and negativity of 2018, stating that they wish for ‘unity’, ‘love’ and ‘cohesion’ across the country, both online and within communities.

For many consumers, a focus on pursuing life goals, career aspirations and personal interests in 2019 is a way for them to channel positivity into their lives, with mentions including going travelling, setting up a business, setting into their first home, expanding their family, passing their degree, broadening their social circle, exercising their creative skills, or even setting off on a pilgrimage!

Beyond hoping for a happy, healthy and prosperous year, other wishes that consumers have for the coming year include improvements to climate change and seeing more of their families. And whilst consumers are keen for different news stories in 2019, they are hoping that these won’t include any shock celebrity deaths like we saw around the start of 2018!

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