Bringing Reports to Life with Animation

As humans, we are visual learners. Video or animated film components can bring life and vibrancy to otherwise 2D information. Attacking the nucleus of the problem is what consultancy firms are paid to do, but unpacking it in an engaging way may require the assistance of a creative partner, to produce animation reports. Especially in a presentation to a client audience.

Businesses in the private and public sector invest fortunes in consultancy to inform their cost-cutting strategies, sustainable practice and long term growth plans. Corporations are scrutinised against government benchmarks and need the help of consultancies to keep moving with the market and retain the best talent to drive performance.

There is never a shortage of problems to solve for consultants and after months or even years of collating a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data to furnish a meaty report, evidencing all of this needs quite a lot of illustration to bring it to life. Animating statistics and data from reports in modular videos can make the information more accessible, memorable and visually engaging. Read our blog about animation here.

3 benefits of using video for animation reports

The power of international storytelling

As advertising executive and a founder of the agency BBH once said: “a story always leaves you feeling something. And despite all our advances, all our supposed sophistication, listening to a great story, told brilliantly, still enthralls us the most.” Many of our clients want to hear directly from respondents across global markets to enrich the quality and diversity of their findings and stories. By finding the narrative or common editorial thread between emergent topics, and visualising these through engaging stories, your audience will naturally lean in and start to care.

Data that sticks

In a captive setting, punctuating a presentation with video content can reinforce important data trends, further immerse the crowd, and continue to be accessible or repurposed later on. It’s undersurprising therefore that 69% of people say they would prefer to learn about report findings by watching a short video (Wyzowl).

Cement the call to action

Research professionals and planning teams are always flooded with data and stats to mastermind into a coherent strategy, so budgeting for video as part of the report assimilation is a must. Selling-in and activating the research to marketing teams is just as important as the data itself.

Vox Pops International has been working with several of the big consultancy firms for many years, including PwC and CapGemini to create animation reports, illustrating a magnitude of valuable data for their clients. We are dedicated to finding the stories beneath the stats.

CapGemini came to us with an infographic visualising shopping habits over the Christmas holidays. As part of several shoot days for the series ‘Confessions of a Consumer in C-19’ we designed a topic guide for respondents around 4 key themes; Customer Behaviour, Digital vs. Physical, Health & Safety, and Future of Shopping. Our research team gathered qualitative video insights from five key markets: North America, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. The videos gave a tangible quality to their research about shopping habits and brought their methodology to life.

For University College of London, we worked closely to visualise the spirit of student wellbeing during the pandemic by illustrating the largest data set conducted on the topic. The report video summarised the psychological and social effects of the pandemic on the public. Due to fast turnaround requirements and budgetary restrictions, we produced a low-cost format combining branded animation and real world footage to illustrate the findings.

With economic remodelling back on the agenda, the markets are waking up
in a post-lockdown boom and businesses are considering pivotal shifts to
capitalise on the new normal.

If you have a vast wealth of data, or the beginnings of a report coming in to fruition, we’d love to talk to you to see how we can help to bring it to life for your clients.

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Written By
Inga Udre
Video Producer

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