What Makes An Advert Memorable In 2024

In this article we explore with vox pops exactly what makes an advert memorable for customers in 2024. In the ever-evolving realm of advertising, the surge in technology use has resulted in a shift in advertising, and the ability of brands to access their customers. In today’s digital age where our smartphones serve as constant companions, it’s no surprise that the sheer volume of ads we receive are through digital means. With the average person spending a staggering 6 hours and 37 minutes on their phone, as reported by Data Reportal. Adverts can be everywhere we turn, to everywhere we swipe.

Advertising has seamlessly been integrated into our daily routines, adapting to capture our fleeting attention spans as our use of technology grows. Consider the average commuter, and how businesses can maximise their outreach to them on their journey to work through their phones. Strategically placing ads in frequented digital spaces is where advert intake increases.

In order to make this connection, we asked the public what media they consume the most and how many advertisements they believe they see each day. In the age of influencer marketing, leveraging the reach of popular podcasters and social media personalities has become a lucrative avenue for product placement, on top of the already cookie-led adverts we come across on our phones. The public were shocked to find out they consume up to 5000 adverts a day, but when they thought of all the places they access ads, including influencer marketing, it started to make more sense.

“It’s the adverts that can tap into emotions which set them apart from the rest.”

However, amidst this digital revolution, traditional media continues to be considerably influential. In our vox pop street interviews, we spoke to the public to ask what advert has been most memorable to them. The Cadbury’s eyebrow advert from 2009 (15 years ago!) was quoted. Other whimsical adverts such as Specsavers and Dominos were also spoken on, showing how the comedy and charm of an advert can stick in consumer memory. A strong soundtrack and an emotive story was also seen as effective, such as the adverts by John Lewis. One member of the public summed it up well by saying “it’s the ones that make you laugh or make you cry”. It’s the adverts that can tap into emotions which set them apart from the rest.

The impact of social media adverts is beginning to be noticed, as one perceptive Londoner pointed out that these adverts as a form of marketing are becoming more memorable. Nonetheless, the answers to these questions referenced traditional advertisements the most.

For brands, they should take away that the power of emotional connection shouldn’t be underestimated. At Vox Pops International, where our research is qualitative, we see the importance of truly resonating on a human level and forge these deeper connections with your audience and customer. Additionally, brands should consider the importance of both traditional and more inventive approaches to reach their target audience when developing their advertisements.

To summarise, advertising in the modern age is all about adaptability and creativity. Where 5000 adverts are reaching us in a day, brands can carve out a place in the market by creating connection-driven advertisement. That way it can stay in consumer consciousness, even 15 years later.

Written By
Stephanie Earnshaw
Business Development Manager

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