“Not for the people, but for themselves.”

In the lead-up to the imminent elections on May 2nd, we took to the streets to gauge public sentiment towards the major political parties. What emerged was a prevailing sense of disillusionment and a questioning of whether political parties care. General sentiment felt was that they had lost touch with the concerns of ordinary citizens.

Political Insight From Recent Research

Phrases like “It’s hard to know what’s just rhetoric,” and “Only care about winning,” echoed the scepticism shared by the public. The prevailing sentiment was one of perceived neglect: “Not for the people, but for themselves.”

The data reflects this too, as a YouGov study conducted in February 2024 revealed a staggering 69% of respondents believe that members of parliament are just in politics to help themselves, rather than an interest to serve the public.

Understanding the Context

With the background of these sentiments being one of political upheaval, unfortunately it is no surprise that the public is feeling this way. From the turbulence of Brexit, to lockdown scandals and high-profile resignations, the British public has faced a whirlwind of political chaos. All this against the backdrop of economic uncertainty, and foreign conflict, has left the public feeling like their problems aren’t being adequately addressed.

Issues such as childcare and youth support emerged as focal points of frustration, with many feeling that their voices are being ignored. There is a pervasive sense that politicians prioritise the interests of their own instead, and are being persuaded with special interests, hinting towards corruption that can influence parliament.

It’s Time to Listen

Today with the local elections, followed by the general election next year, the pressure is on politicians to change the narrative and show how they are committed to the concerns of the electorate. By harnessing the power of video market research, and truly engaging with the concerns of the public, political parties can help bridge this gap. From our research this month, it’s clear that politicians need to understand nuanced topics like childcare and youth support to address areas of neglect. These elections lend the opportunity for change but as the core of it all, politicians need to listen and engage with the electorate, and video market research can serve as a roadmap to this renewed commitment.

Written By
Stephanie Earnshaw
Business Development Manager

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