Painting a picture of World Vision’s target customer

Our client at World Vision wanted a consumer video that brought to life their target consumer, who they call “Jennifer”. We conducted recruitment according to the brief and after a bit of searching, we found our Jennifer and produced the film above.

“The film has enabled our staff and agencies to connect with Jennifer more deeply and our key insights into her.” – World Vision

World Vision wanted the film to show an insight into Jennifer’s life at home, encapsulating her attitudes towards friends and family, and discussing the emotive subject of how it felt when her children left home for the first time. It was important the film told a story through the eyes of Jennifer, capturing emotions of melancholy but also hope and optimism for the future. We conducted an in-depth interview with Jennifer to narrate the voiceover and used b-roll, cutaways and family photos to contextualise the audio.

We used “real” respondents in the film but kept to a tight discussion guide that allowed for a strong narrative ensuring we told Jennifer’s Story. This 4-minute film is now used by World Vision to ensure everyone working at the charity knows who “Jennifer” is and what really matters to her. This is a great example of the power of Video to tell a Consumer Story and elicit real Emotion in the subject matter, ensuring insights are memorable and real.

Photo of Jennifer.
Photo of Jennifer and her family.
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