“We’re conditioned to supermarket layouts, so it was fantastic to hear people passionately debate about the placement of products”

English Provender has provided the perfect product for consumers who, just like me, don’t have time for meal prep! Their aptly named Very Lazy brand includes products like jars of chopped garlic and onions and all different kinds of pastes, and they are all delicious. Their products are always in my cupboards because they make my life so easy! English Provender wanted to ask the general public two questions – one to find out opinions of the Very Lazy brand and another to find out where they think people would expect to find Very Lazy products. Specifically where everyday consumers think the paste tubes should be in the supermarket.

For this, the Vox Pops Pool was the perfect tool. It is the intercept interviews service we offer at a very affordable price by allowing clients to share questions on the survey.

English Provender asked two questions when they wanted to understand consumer thoughts about product placement for the Very Lazy brand. As part of the service, we were happy to present the product to the interviewees. This helped to provide perfect context and help anyone who might not be aware of the brand.

The first question asked was about people’s perceptions of the brand. Many respondents hilariously made parallels to the brand’s name and their laziness. This perfectly outlined what makes these products so popular. People were also quick to comment on how much easier dinner time is because of the brand and the broad range of products available. Anyone without knowledge of the brand still had lots of positive comments and said they would be sure to give the brand a try!

The second question we asked was about where you’d expect to find ‘Very Lazy’ products in the supermarket. Interestingly some respondents perceived it to be an ‘exclusive’ product that they would expect to find in stores such as Waitrose. Interestingly some respondents perceived it to be an ‘exclusive’ product that they would expect to find in stores such as Waitrose.

Where the product should be located provoked interesting debate. Initially, many thought the products should be alongside other condiments such as Ketchup, Soy Sauce, and Mayonnaise.

However, when interviewees were asked about their views on putting them in the chilled aisle, some changed their minds, realising that as we keep these products in the fridge, perhaps that is where they should find them in store.

Others argued that unless the product is opened it should be kept in the cupboard so being in the chilled aisle wouldn’t make sense. We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a very familiar debate – should Ketchup be kept in the fridge or cupboard!? To add further confusion some respondents felt that the Very Lazy products should be in the same aisle as fruit and veg!

We were left thinking that the best place for a product is no simple matter and essentially the key is to knowing who your customer is and conducting specific research with that group to bring out key insights.

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Written By
Olivia Jarvis
Video Producer