Our Objective

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every corner of society, and the ramifications of what we have and will continue to experience, requires significant study to shape the right way to recover.

University College London have been doing exactly that through their COVID-19 Social Study. Comprised of 1 million surveys and tens of thousands of personal testimonials with the public, UCL have been examining the pandemic’s psychological and social impact.

At the 1 year anniversary of the study UCL wanted to produce a video that showcased the scale of this important work, and let 70,000+ participants know how crucial their involvement has been.

Our Approach

We set out to create a video that featured important findings from the study, showcased the breadth of media coverage, and reveal the national and international organisations who have used the research to inform their response.

Our approach was a mixed media animation – combining real world footage and illustrated iconography – to produce a video grounded in reality, but still with the ability to include graphical representations of data, and illustrations to emphasise points.

girl painting a rainbow

Client Testimonial

“We need to take stock and think about how much has been accomplished in the last year.”
“VPI did an amazing job of interpreting our requests and incorporating our feedback to produce a polished, beautifully branded video.”
Alexandra Bradbury – Research Programmes Manager
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The Results

The final mixed-media animation blends statistics, graphs and video into a 2 minute piece that shines a light on UCL’s vital work.

Featuring on the COVID-19 Social Study’s website covidsocialstudy.org the video continues to be shared with those that took part in the study and has received fantastic feedback from participants and UCL’s partners.

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