Superdrug is a leading brand when it comes to beauty and health, however, they wanted to find out what consumers think of their overall customer service. Superdrug came to VPI to produce some fun, engaging videos that will motivate their team and show them what their customers really think.

To ensure that we spoke to a real mix of Superdrug customers we went to 3 different locations across the country; Bluewater, Rushden Lakes and Rochdale Riverside. Meaning we were able to speak with a wide range of people from the South, Midlands and North of the UK to gather the best insight possible.

We asked each respondent 16 open-ended questions. Topics ranged from customer experience and product choice to thoughts about customer services best practices and potential improvements for Superdrug. We spoke with a variety of different age groups, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to make sure that we got a wide spread of different responses.

At the end of each interview we also asked respondents to do a ‘flipboard question’ (see above). These are a fantastic way of summarising the interview while adding another dimension of fun to responses. Audiences often love this section and it’s a great way to make interviews even more engaging!

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