The Objective

Spire Healthcare is recognised across the UK as one of the leading health institutions, offering services to over 800,000 individuals across their 39 private hospital locations and 8 clinics. Despite this, some of the key roles required in the hospitals have less visibility, meaning lower demand when trying to fill these positions. Spire wanted to change this.

Having worked with Spire consistently last year, we had already established a relationship with them which was based on trust, creativity, and open communication. We worked closely together to solve their problem by creating content for their web-based recruitment pages, as well as collateral for publication on their social media to engage audiences.

Image of Nurse in Hospital

Our Approach

The recruitment teaser needed to showcase the ‘ins and outs’ of Spire Hospitals and highlight the all important jobs that go on behind the scenes, exhibiting varied roles, and the instrumental part they play in keeping the hospital running day-to-day. We suggested conducting short 10 minute interviews with colleagues to give them the opportunity to outline the benefits of working for Spire and a little information about their role. In order to keep the video as punchy as possible, we captured snappy and succinct quotes from each colleague, and used their working environment as the backdrop for each interview to bring them to life.

As with many of our projects, we invited our client to observe and provide input (if they wanted to!). We were able to communicate with them throughout the day on our progress and allow them to review content in real time. Doing this established transparency in our workflow and offered our client a welcome invite to provide input and/or direction.

Whilst the interviews would provide the backbone of our video, we needed creative b-roll to truly bring the job roles to life and illustrate the versatility at Spire hospitals. Our shooting style would be characterised as ‘run & gun’ documentary style as we would be following colleagues as they performed tasks typical of their role.

Nurse in PPE

Client Testimonial

“What a fabulous job you have done with the film.You have been a dream to work with and I love the result.”
Toni Gilson – Head Of Sales and Business Development at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital
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As a means to bump up creativity, we also wanted to capture abstract shots that would help to establish a calming and inspiring tone. We filmed each of the colleagues putting on an item of Spire uniform (e.g. tie, badge, gloves etc) and used this to introduce the video – instantly setting the scene.

On completion of fieldwork, we produced a 2 minute video which showcased high-end interview content alongside creative b-roll.

BTS of Hospital Shoot
Engineer posing towards camera
Nurse talking patient details at reception
Two nurses discussing in a treatment room

The Results

Having only recently published, the video has immediately resulted in a great number of views and responses across social media. Initially, the project was primarily for Spire Cambridge Lea, but the result has also initiated strategy talks on whether they should be conducting this method across the board to other hospitals.

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