Creating individual videos for 100k customers

Working in partnership with Idomoo, VPI created this personalised animation that was sent out to 100,000 of Co-op Insurance’s customers. The video was used to increase engagement with policy documentation, continue reading below to see statistics on the impact that these videos had.

Client Testimonial

“Vox Pops used our brand guidelines and personalisation software to create an animation for customers that explains complex insurance information in a simple way. They worked fast, iterated quickly and delivered an end-product that’s really added value to the customer journey.”

Daf Singleton – Service Design Lead @ Co-op Insurance

Project Overview

Co-op Insurance had the objective to become more transparent with its members and customers, including clearer communication relating to its business and products.

Findings from Co-op research indicated that many customers were not engaging with their policy documentation. They would purchase car insurance but ‘sleepwalk’ through the quote and purchase without a clear understanding of what they were and weren’t covered for. 80% of Co-op members participating in the research said that they would watch a film that outlined the details of their policy, so VPI were called in to help meet this need.

Co-op decided to test a new approach – to send personalised videos out to 100k new and renewed policyholders, to communicate policy information in a more engaging way than standard text documentation. They commissioned us to create a 90-second animation, which would be personalised to each customer depending on their variable data, such as name, policy date, and optional add-ons.

Impact on subscriber engagement

Customers received an email containing their personalised video shortly after renewing or purchasing a new policy and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The post-video survey showed that 85% of customers answered ‘yes’ when asked if they found the video useful and further survey results tell us many think it is ‘a brilliant idea, much better than reading a letter and much more user-friendly and will be excellent for people with reading difficulties too!’

Further analytics showed that over 75% of customers watched the videos to the end, which shows the increase in engagement Co-op were looking for. This high completion rate, along with the positive feedback from their customers shows the value that these videos add to the customer journey.

In addition, in terms of the ‘real-world’ business benefit, the video helped Co-op Insurance reduce calls to their call centres by 14% – at 50p per call this is a significant saving!

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