The Objective

Founded in the US, Newman’s Own were eager to grow their business in the UK. They developed a new product in a variety of flavours, breaking away from their popular and established condiments range, and into the world of pasta sauces.

They reached out to VPI to conduct product testing video diaries so that they could hear first-hand from consumers about their new range, gain invaluable insights, and produce a video which could be shared with retailers in trade.

Client Testimonial

“Great communication all the way through.”
“Highly collaborative in terms of developing the brief and during recruitment and auditions. Not sure there is much that you could do better next time around as we enjoyed working with you on this project.”

Newmans Own

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The Approach

For this study we selected 10 pre-recruited participants; the perfect amount to ensure breadth of insights. They were each instructed to undertake tasks outlined in a bespoke task guide which provided key information on the project, tips for filming (to ensure the best possible output), and the core discussion points / questions.

As there were 4 flavours to test, we divided our task guide into 3 digestible sections; before, during, and after testing. This would help participants to compartmentalise the study and focus on each section in detail.

Whilst the discussion points provided insights on brand awareness, thoughts on packaging and taste, and product improvements – it was also important to see participants actually using the products…and enjoying them! Filming tasks included clips of them cooking with the product and taking their first bite. Whilst inherently insightful, this footage would also serve to contextualise their discussion points and provide the viewer with tangible insights.

The Results

Once all of the participants’ videos had been moderated and signed off, we chopped down the footage into 3 long rough edits (focusing on each section of the task guide). Providing longer edits gives you a comprehensive overview of the range of insights that have been captured, it also helps to establish what story you want to tell in your final video.

Newman’s Own reviewed the edits and shared their favourite quotes with us. We incorporated these into the final video alongside consumer insights and illustrative broll of the new products in action.

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