M&S Buying Academy Training Animation

M&S launched their new Food Buying Academy for their existing colleagues and new starters, in order to truly support and invest in the development of their Food Buying team. Their intention is for their Food Buying Academy to be industry-leading and the launch had been many months in the making. This was a hugely exciting time for our clients in the M&S Food team, who planned to use video as an integral part of their training programme. M&S approached VPI with a brief to produce an animation that would motivate and inspire their team and play a huge part in their launch event.

VPI recommended a 2-minute advanced level character animation, giving our client enough time and detail to effectively communicate their key messages. The brief from M&S also had a few specific requests, such as the necessity to incorporate their signature strawberry icon in the design work and for the characters to be fresh and modern. We shared several style frames with them to allow them to dictate the direction of the designs and select characters that felt fresh but were also true to the M&S Food branding.

A lot of time was also spent carefully selecting a voice over artist for this video. It was really important to M&S that the voiceover was really enthusiastic as this piece was to set the scene for their launch event and they really wanted it to excite all attendees.

M&S played this animation at their Food Buying Academy launch event in January 2019 and it continues to be a legacy piece for all new starters.

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