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Missing People wanted to create a video production that showcased the Runaway Helpline, a service which seeks to help those who are thinking about running away, have already run away, or have been away and come back. The video would not only promote their services, but also educate young people on the numerous ways they can get in contact should they ever need to.

In order to communicate this information, we created a kinetic typography animation which uses dynamic text aligned with voiceovers to execute narrative in an engaging and sensitive way.

Client testimonial

“Vox Pops International did everything possible to support the Runaway Helpline in making a small vision become a big reality. Having little experience of developing videos ourselves, Vox Pops opened up a realm of possibilities and created a video that was not only exceptional in quality, but also thoughtful and considerate in all its details. In having such an outstanding video we are now able to reach new audiences and showcase the best of what we’re able to offer.”

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Our Approach

The script centred on 5 stories about individuals who have been missing; focusing on their individual circumstances and highlighting one of the 5 key methods of communication with which they can reach out to the Runaway Helpline.

In terms of style and aesthetics, the framework for this piece was created in line with the Runaway Helpline’s branding, creating a video exclusive to them and their voice. We used silhouettes to represent key characters/stories as this doesn’t define their identity, but rather allows them to manifest anybody and any circumstance. This was incredibly important when building audience engagement and empathy.

Sweeping transitions were used throughout to evoke a more sensitive tone, as well as enabling the animated text on screen to become the main feature of our piece, carrying the weight and power of each narrative/story.

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