How KBH On Train Media used video to bring the on-train shopper to life

VPI conducted some vox pops research for KBH On Train Media to bring to life a new shopper archetype. This case study is a great example of conducting ‘in the moment’ research with a specific audience type, which in this case illustrated the motivations and behaviours of on-train shoppers.

Client Testimonial

“The project went very smoothly indeed, and we are delighted with the end result. The team came up with good ideas and editing the initial version ‘live’ together was a great way to incorporate all stakeholder feedback in one go. We will definitely be using Vox Pops International in the future when we need this sort of research conducting.”

Research Overview

KBH had developed a new on-train shopper archetype using TGI data and internal quant research data and were looking to bring this to life using video. The objective for this video was to provide the sales team with a tool to present the shopper archetype in an engaging and memorable way.

We conducted vox pops interviews at several train stations, including Brighton and Blackfriars, speaking to consumers about their shopping habits, their views on on-train advertising, and memorable adverts they’d seen on a train in the past. Whilst at these different locations, we also filmed a variety of b roll shots to add colour to the final videos.

Video outputs

From the interview footage, we produced a creative film that showcased key soundbites on how on-train shoppers use the train network, how and when they shop on the train and the impact that on-train advertising has on them. We also created 6 short ‘topic’ films, which explored on-train shoppers’ views on specific shopping motivations such as impulse buying and ethical considerations.

The clips were carefully chosen to bring KBH’s existing research to life, using real people with authentic experiences to reinforce and humanise the existing facts and figures. The films were successful in highlighting the value of on-train advertising.

The 7 final films continue to be used by KBH during one-on-one presentations with clients, as well as across all of their communication channels, including social media and newsletters.

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