Leveraging Existing Photos To Create Powerful Video

International Health Partners (IHP) may be a small charity in terms of its core staff, but in the past few years, it has sent millions of medical treatments and supplies to more than 100 countries around the world.

By coordinating supply and demand, IHP helps to provide access to safe, effective medicines. Pharmaceutical companies have medicines and medical supplies they want to donate to international aid agencies, while agencies need these to help vulnerable communities, often in disaster-hit areas. IHP completes the equation, acting as a broker and ensuring medicines are donated and distributed safely and effectively.

IHP was founded after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. As its 15th anniversary approaches, the charity decided to reinvigorate its website and approached VPI for help.

The team wanted to create a short video production encapsulating what it does, the benefits it brings people through its work, and the ways it’s achieving its goals. The film needed a sensitive and thought-provoking tone, one that would help viewers empathise with the needs of individuals to access essential medicines.

We agreed to produce a one-minute animation, and IHP provided us with database images that showed their work in the field. With these images, we took a 2.5D approach, allowing still images to appear as if moving, in conjunction with the depth of field.

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