Interviews from around the world on the topic of conditioner

Dove’s endeavor to understand the nuances of conditioner habits and attitudes was not confined to a single market but rather extended globally. With the aim of gaining comprehensive insights into users’ perspectives, Dove embarked on a qualitative research journey that spanned across key markets, including the USA, Brazil, and China.

In these diverse regions, vox pops interviews were conducted, engaging both conditioner users and non-users in candid conversations. The overarching objective was to uncover the perceived benefits of using conditioner and the underlying motivations guiding consumers’ choices. By including perspectives from non-users, Dove aimed to gain a holistic understanding of the market landscape, encompassing both existing consumers and potential audiences.

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Fanny Perreau, CMI Dove Global

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Despite the challenge of a tight timeframe, Dove executed the project with efficiency and precision, delivering a series of compelling videos that captured the authentic sentiments of consumers. These videos proved to be invaluable assets, serving as focal points during an internal workshop event. By immersing Dove teams in the voices and experiences of consumers, the videos fostered deeper connections and empathy, empowering teams to better communicate with and cater to conditioner users worldwide.

Through this concerted effort, Dove demonstrated its unwavering commitment to being a consumer-centric brand. By prioritising the understanding of consumer needs and preferences, Dove aimed to strengthen its position in the market and enhance its communication strategies. Ultimately, Dove’s initiative exemplifies its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its audience and solidifying its reputation as a brand that listens, learns, and acts in accordance with consumer insights.

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