Concept awareness - Keeping staff in the loop by using video in learning & development

Costa were undergoing a change into how they ran their international franchise business. A big part of this change was introducing a new platform, Costa Way, which all teams need to use in order to set up, run and develop any Costa store, wherever they are in the world.

This change inevitably meant Costa staff from around the globe would need training on how to use the new platform. Before that, however, it was important that staff understood the reasons for the change so that they could get on board with the new portal. Costa approached us to create a short video that could communicate this message in a positive way, in order to win hearts and minds and ensure staff felt empowered to embrace the change.

Screenshot taken from Costa Way animation.

To meet Costa’s requirements, we produced a complex animation, which bought this new platform to life in an engaging way, explaining what this business change was all about and why it was happening. The piece was successful in meeting the objectives of both exciting the colleagues and encouraging them to take on the new platform with both hands!

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