Creating An Engaging and Dynamic Conference Promo

Vox Pops International are a longstanding video production partner of Cherwell. They asked us to create an animated video promo trailer to promote their Clear 2020 event.

The Brief

Covid 19 has spelt the end of traditional conferences and events for the time being. As a strategic move, Cherwell decided to run virtual conferences.

Strategically, in order to publicise this they needed a video promo for the Clear 2020 event. Ideally in the style of an Apple animated promo. Importantly, they wanted to use stock footage, library music and graphics. Additionally, the deadline for this animated video promo trailer was tight.

How we did it

An editor worked alongside an animator. Together, side by side they designed and created this fast-paced and engaging animated video trailer.

We worked remotely because of the Lockdown situation. Importantly, the client is based is based in USA so we used online technology a lot to communicate. We uploaded files, obtained feedback and edited quickly to meet the deadlines.

Sharing widely on social media

The trailer is streaming across social media platforms. The event is being publicised to bring in attendees and create a ‘buzz’ .

Benefits of a video promo

Animated promo videos are perfect to promote services, events and products. Good media content grabs attention and gets cut through. Especially at this time, consumers in the B2B sector or B2C sector are looking for media to watch.

Think of the style

Crucially, the style must be right and the client’s brand image protected. As well as design, skillful editing and animation brings humour, emotion and facts to life. Significantly, this helps keep companies at the forefront of their customers’ minds.

“This looks great! we are really happy with how this turned out. And it was delivered on-time! Thank you”

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