The event industry is back up and running. Finally! With everything from awards shows to expo’s set to make an immediate return to business life, we decided to explore the reasons why you need to make sure these moments are captured.  Filming events provides key longevity to your conferences, allows you to continue to share your message across different platforms, helps you learn from past presentations, and is a simple low-cost extra easily added to any occasion. With the event season just around the corner, you will be looking for every opportunity to boost your brand awareness and connect with your audience. Vox Pops International has helped countless businesses create, present, and engage through video production, and with event filming it really couldn’t be easier or effective. See some of our event case studies, below!  

Content that lasts

As if events don’t take enough time management and logistical planning, we have now been waiting longer than ever for their return. Make sure your efforts are remembered. Filming your event gives you reusable content which can be remembered for all purposes. Whether that’s advertisement for your next event, campaigns to engage those who attended, or to help internal teams learn from previous work. Allow this low-cost production to go the distance, and make sure everyone remembers the show you put on. Making sure they know exactly why they loved your event, and why they need to attend the next one.  

The use of video on social media also encourages key efforts in further participation from individuals, through user-generated content. Creating trends, buzz, and participation around the content you filmed can virally boost your event. Not only creating a buzz around the event in the now, but also giving you a library of content to choose from for many future campaigns. Whether that is for key recapping or future advertisement.

Not just a film

Filming your event doesn’t just give you great content. It gives you the chance to gather actionable insight in real time. Vox Pop Interviews are often used as great ways to gather instant consumer feedback. Allowing you to get actionable insight at the source and learn whatever you need about your audience. Not only helping to better current opinion, it is also essential for future learnings.

Similarly, photography is a great way to make the event go even further. Creating even more content to be shared on future advertisements, newsletters, socials, and more.

Maximise the Experience

Filming your events gives a sense of occasion. Making sure that you not only educate your audience, but also entertain them. While it also makes it easy to connect with your virtual audience. The pandemic made it clear that accommodation is needed for those who cannot attend events in person, video is a simple way to bridge this gap. While there are also key benefits of remembrance, after the event has taken place. Live steaming key moments allows everyone to be involved, wherever they are. Not only does this make your event more inclusive, but also spreads it reach to its maximum audience. In-person event venues have a maximum capacity, live-streaming and online participation helps to break down this restriction.

Video is also a great tool for creating a buzz around your event. Behind the scenes shots and access all areas footage make your audience more active in participation. With added layers of interactivity, such as with online Q&A’s, likes, and comments. You can easily respond to and engage your audience wherever they are.

From Big Exhibitions to Intimate Socials…

Boost your Branding

Not only is this a great opportunity to advertise your own company, but also your company sponsors. It is no secret that a lot of large events and expos are funded by sponsorships and partnerships. Prolonging exposure through video gives your partners great value for money and increases your event offering. You are much more likely to gain exposure to partnerships through promising advertisement which lasts longer than just the event schedule. Make people want to be a part of your event through lasting exposure.

Videography at events has become easier than ever. Not only is it super simple to accomplish at a high standard, but the production costs are also low. Due to these overriding factors it is also become a key component of the modern event industry. Where it used to be a nice extra, it is quickly becoming an expected essential. Filming events allows businesses and individuals to be more involved. Making it more attractive an occasion to not only be a part of but also help promote. Don’t get left behind.

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