What does vox pops mean?

You only have to look at the Google search trends to see how common this question is. Vox pox and vox pops also popular searches that demonstrate the same intrigue into the phrase that named our company. So what is a vox pop? The phrase itself comes from Latin and it translates to mean ‘voice of the people’. Today, a vox pop is a short video made up of clips taken from interviews with members of the public.

These video interviews investigate public opinion towards widely known topics, brands or products and are commonly used for market research. These videos are nowadays created in a variety of different ways. From on-the-street style, to in-home interviews and even mobile video diaries. Traditionally, however, a vox pop video refers to an on-the-street intercept interview.

Vox pops videos are shot on-location

A distinct feature of vox pops videos is the setting for where the interviews take place. Because these videos usually investigate opinions of the general public, often anyone can qualify to share their views. As a result, crews will set up their cameras on the street or in public places and ask passers-by if they would be willing to take part. This type of interview is known as an intercept interview.

Creating an effective vox pop questionnaire is something that all aspiring vox poppers need to do and it’s covered in our blog everything you need to know about how to write a great vox pop questionnaire.

Vox pops videos may also target slightly more specific groups of people. For example, over 50s or Millennials. But the group is never so niche that you couldn’t easily recruit people on the street. Additionally, interviews will often take place in locations relevant to the discussion topic. So for example, if the video was investigating people’s opinions towards public transport, the interviews may be more likely to take place in a train station. Not only does this help to make recruitment easier, by ensuring the crew is surrounded by people who use (and are therefore more likely to have an opinion towards) public transport. Setting up in a location relevant to the topic will also help contextualise the responses and opinions of the interviewees.

Vox pops videos are always produced by compiling clips from these intercept interviews. This means the final videos have a very distinct style. Interviewees aren’t airbrushed and wearing make-up. Instead, they are often windswept and carrying shopping. Passers-by in the background also make it obvious that the respondent hasn’t been pre-recruited or vetted on what to say, which is particularly important if the video is being used for market research. This lack of pre-recruitment or set-up interviews means vox pops videos really do represent the honest voice of the people, so the Latin definition quite aptly suits the modern video interpretation.

VPI have been conducting vox pops for nearly 30 years, our first interviews taking place at ferry terminals before the Eurotunnel was opened. We still think of ourselves as a company that represents the voices of the individuals we interview. Today, we continue to conduct vox pops interviews with members of the public, often purely for investigative purposes. We regularly send out these videos as free qualitative research, which you can sign up to receive by entering your email address in our form.

What is a vox pop?

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Why should you use vox pops videos?

One of the main key benefits to vox pops videos is the speed at which you can gather consumer feedback. Within a week, you could have 5 videos from 5 different countries that display consumer opinions towards your brand, service or product. On top of this, vox pops videos provide a multitude of additional benefits according to the purpose, style and set up of your video interviews.

Why use Vox Pops in Research?

Using Vox Pops for research purposes has a number of benefits. Intercept interviews provide a great opportunity to gather feedback, in the moment, from the right respondents. By setting up in locations where your target demographic is likely to be found, recruitment, production, turnaround times and costs are kept to a minimum. Vox Pops videos will add context and texture to existing quant data by involving real people, in their natural surroundings, be it in Brazil, Manila or Paris.

Using the same methodology across multiple countries gives consistency to research findings, making them truly comparable. Soundbites and clips can be reused across the business for all types of purposes. Professional interviews are conducted and moderated by experienced researchers who ask open-ended questions and follow up by depth probing. This ensures authentic responses surrounding the appropriate topic matter.

Why use Vox Pops in Marketing?

Vox pops interviews are currently a trending approach for media advertising. When marketing your business, service or product, use vox pops videos to display authentic feedback and opinions from real people around the world. Share this positive impact in adverts, on social media and on websites to showcase positive brand engagement. In the same regard, vox pops interviews are also great for improving relationships with distributors, as they provide assurance that your consumers are positively receiving your brand.

Vox pops can also be used for on-going or post-project reviews. Campaign Testing and Product Testing Films are perfect examples. Do you use display advertising? We can interview people who pass your ad to gather feedback on its impact. Have you updated your product packaging? We can quickly find out what the public thinks. Use these quick responses to inform your marketing strategy and improve your campaigns.

Why use Vox Pops in Training?

Interviewing both staff and your consumers can have a great impact on engagement with learning & development programmes. For example, interviews with experienced staff can be useful for knowledge sharing purposes. These type of vox pops are great for inductions or on-boarding sessions. Not only can your staff pass on useful insights into their role and your organisation; presenting video clips of willing staff members helps to embed a can-do attitude and demonstrate a passion for your company among its employees.

Alternatively, interviewing consumers will outline consumer views of your organisation, which helps to contextualise and embed your brand and company values. Incorporating the consumer in your training sessions will also encourages a mind-set of transparency and authenticity. Giving your employees the view from the other side will help make them more aware when dealing with their customers, either face to face, on a call or when producing new ideas and services.

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