Voxpops is #ProudlyEO

June 21st is EO Day, an annual opportunity to showcase the employee ownership sector in the UK. With this years theme being #ProudlyEO, we want to share our journey since becoming an employee-owned company in 2022.

What is an EO?

EO stands for companies which are employee owned. It’s essentially when employees take ownership and stake in the company that they work for.

Vox Pops International decided to become EO, as we’ve always taken pride in our employees and owned our success to them as well. After the pandemic, we wanted to enable everyone who has helped build Vox Pops to continue to participate in it’s future growth and success.

With culture and people at our core, becoming EO has helped us reach other professional goals, such as becoming a B Corp. We are able to pull together and work towards a shared vision for the company and show our commitment to making a positive social impact.

Why work with an EO business?

When employees are stakeholders, they are more likely to go the extra mile for clients. By having a stake in the company, Vox Pops employees make sure they deliver excellent video market research services.

Celebrating EO day is great for recognising the impact that employees can have on a business. Vox Pops International are proud to be an EO company and committed to excellence, putting our people at the heart of our success.

Written By
Stephanie Earnshaw
Marketing and Strategy Manager

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