Talking about chocolate is easy!

With Easter just around the corner we dedicated this month’s Vox Pops Pool to discovering the UK’s thoughts towards their favourite Easter brands and chocolates. From the consumers upbringing to a brands sustainability and transparency there are many defining factors as to why we love our chocolate. See a snapshot of what we found out below.

What are the UK’s favourite chocolate brands?

Cadbury, Milka, Green & Blacks, Hotel Chocolat…, the list goes on. But how do we differentiate them? Sustainability was a theme that has clearly carried over from 2021. Previously explored by the Vox Pops Pool through questions about The Climate Pledge and how consumers planned to be Sustainable over the Christmas Period.  Such themes are still at the height of consumer thought as we are told how Hotel Chocolat’s transparency in corporate responsibility pays dividends in consumer consideration.

Upbringing and heritage were also key themes of loyalty. However, not the only.  The iconic purple packaging of Cadbury is a  staple image for chocolate all year round. So, the differentials of Easter-themed snacks, such as Crème Eggs and Mini Eggs, are proving a successful strategy in the attempt further standout in an already hot marketplace, without melting to holiday competition.

What is your favourite Easter Chocolate?

The same blockbuster names ring through consumers’ answers. While it was also made clear how important it is for chocolate brands to represent the themes of the spring holiday. Eggs and Bunnies are clear hedonic stimulants that catch the consumer’s eye through holiday relations. Seen further by the bright colouring of yellow Mini Egg packaging to help the consumer pair themes of joy and festivity with the product. 

Orange chocolate at Easter, love it or hate it?

Lastly, we looked to give you a quick glance into the kind of personalised insights you can gather from the Vox Pops Pool. Want to test the waters with a new product line, or need to gather public reaction to a brand theme? The Pool offers the easiest and most time-efficient way to gain actionable consumer insights.

Here we can see a (mostly!) positive response to orange chocolate products, and a consumers willingness to explore a new type of Easter-themed confectionary.

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