As a company Vox Pops International specialises in producing videos that have traditionally been used for internal purposes, to support and communicate research findings and to help an organisation improve customer intimacy. Over the last couple of years, our videos have also been used for advertising, commonly social media ads.

These videos need:

  • A defined objective – be it to change minds, encourage thought, create sales
  • A clear message that is delivered quickly
  • Music that sets the desired tone
  • To engage the audience

Here are 3 examples of social media ad videos we have created.

Co-operative Insurance

This animation we created for Co-operative Insurance explains where the money you pay for your car premium goes. It’s a great example of transparency, something which is valued by consumers.

Money Advice Service

This video was launched to encourage people to use the Money Advice Service (now called ‘Money Helper’) Christmas money planner and to think carefully about how they were spending. The use of children talking about money and Christmas was designed to show in a friendly and fun manner the lack of awareness that can exist about how much Christmas costs.

Black Tower Taste Test

This supported a larger campaign aimed at changing peoples’ perceptions of Black Tower by a good old fashioned taste test, to show that it doesn’t taste the way they assumed. We only interviewed the target group for this wine.

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