With energy prices set to spike yet again in October and put even more pressure on people through the current cost of living crisis, it’s more important than ever to be close to your customer. Understanding all their concerns, both financially and mentally, will become essential when winter hits. Interviews are the perfect way to explore the concerns that everyone is feeling. Allowing you to step into your audience’s world with video diaries, expose opinion with vox pops, or bring stories to life with in-home interviews.

Vox Pops

Intercept and on-location vox pops interviews are the perfect way to ask specific questions to the UK public. This can be segmented by demographic or exposed to a broad audience. Intercept interviews are the most common approach to creating a Vox Pop video. A camera crew will set up on the street and approach specific members of the public. This is often the most cost-effective and fast turnaround approach, seen by our popular Vox Pops Pool. On-location Vox Pops are similarly extremely effective. With locations and backgrounds adding context to the insights though visualising the surrounding environment. These shoots are often extremely popular when you need to deliver a brand-specific message. 

We have used our Vox Pops Pool on multiple occasions to explore the cost of living crisis. Below we asked the UK public questions about rising energy prices and changing shopping habits as a result of recent economic fears and changes. Check out more of our Vox Pops Pool, on our YouTube channel


Video Diaries

Create video diaries from self-filmed video or video call footage, moderate interviews and curate the perfect footage by interacting with participants. Video Diaries and online interviews allow you to probe for unique insight and follow consumers through their daily lives. This is great for a wide variety of applications, from ethnographic research to personable marketing content. 

Earlier this year we used video diaries to explore how the rising cost of living crisis is affecting shopping habits, and whether overall priorities are changing due to the UK economy. Results highlighted the power of video diaries. Allowing participants to bare all within the comfort of their own home, giving real insight that can be relied upon.


In-Home Interviews

In-home interviews are pre-recruited, meaning you are able to target more niche customer groups. These set up interviews allow you to delve further into subject matter and collect really in depth insights. They are fantastic at unlocking personal insights, with high levels of production. 

Not so long ago we worked with 4insights, to capture reaction to Channel 4’s Black to Front Project. We helped Channel 4 capture authentic reactions and responses to this content in Black and non-black households around the UK and deliver this in a succinct, fun and deeply moving format. We did this using the famed Channel 4 show Gogglebox as a source of inspiration for the format of these videos. The final edits resulted in joyful and authentic short films with heartfelt insights and real-life reactions from the British public.

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