Is modern media affecting young people?

On our most recent Vox Pops Pool we explored how modern media is affecting young people. There is more pressure than ever on everyone to make sure they are standing out, showing off, and even just keeping up. But what affect is this really having on people, especially the younger generation? How is this being influenced by people with big platforms? And how is mainstream media contributing? We used our monthly Pool to get quick opinions on these key themes, gain actionable insight, and learn what the UK public really thinks.

We found that people are starting to move away from influencers and that the new wave of celebrities is no longer relatable, and it is making people unfollow. While further concerns towards the younger generation are being voiced heavily, we delved further into modern media affecting young people. A theme that was also found throughout the discussion was about reality TV. The influence on our screens is seen to be shaping people into generic patterns of behaviour, and while we love to unwind to some ‘trash tv’, there is worry it may be more than just an escape from reality for children.

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