Insight professionals from leading brands share their current approaches and challenges

Vox Pops International regularly work with research and insight departments within household brands, as well as teaming up with research agencies. The common goal of these teams often involves building a personal understanding of their organisation’s target markets or consumers, as real people, and communicating these learnings to the wider organisation to inform decision making.

Current approaches and methodologies

VPI attended a number of research & insight industry events earlier this year and we learned that, in the modern day, researchers are finding ever more diverse techniques to bring their consumers into the heart of their organisations. At VPI, we found it interesting that there was such a mixed range of approaches across both brands and agencies, so we conducted video interviews and asked the experts what they are currently focussing on in the world of insight…

Challenges and solutions

After talking to the experts, it is clear that both research agencies and brands are using a variety of methodologies to connect with their customers. Some brands seem to be sticking to the traditional methods, whilst others are searching for new solutions that can help their organisations to make the most of their consumer research. What was interesting to hear about were the challenges that these professionals face within their roles and how they are overcome.

The Role of Insight

So the key challenge for most of the insight professionals we interviewed wasn’t conducting the research itself, it was how they make sure that their research really lands within the wider business. Some prioritised ensuring insights are shared in an exciting and memorable way, whilst others focussed on designing research projects with the idea of gaining traction as an objective right from the get-go. Interestingly, however, all acknowledged the importance of consumer insights within their organisations, as well as the growing acceptance of insight as a vital tool for success.

The role of video in insight

With the role of insight becoming elevated within standard business operations, it is clear that brands are realising the significance of building stronger relationships with their customers. Insight teams and research agencies are finding ever more creative methods of collecting insights, but sharing these insights in an impactful and re-usable manner is currently the biggest challenge insight professionals face.

Using video content to compliment research projects and communicate findings is the best way to engage colleagues and bring new life to pitches & presentations. The visual nature of video allows your business & stakeholders to develop and internalise a powerful personal relationship with consumers, effectively establishing the basis for customer-centric decision making.

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