“I bought an England bucket hat, but it’s more of a statement. I’ll never wear it again.”

How to Engage Sporting Fans This Summer

As the Men’s UEFA Euro approaches in Germany on the 14th of June, followed by the Olympics at the end of next month, it’s important for brands to know how engaging with sport fans this summer can boost sales and drive engagement. Our latest Pool explored what the most popular sporting events amongst the general public, their preferred venues for watching these events, and their spending habits related to them. Sectors such as hospitality, food and beverage and media should consider how to best leverage to engage fans and boost brand visibility.

Fan Spending: Merchandise, Food and Gambling

Putting England on the world stage will drive sales of merchandise. Only a select few will be travelling and attending the games, as most participants will enjoy the matches in the pub or at home. Inclusive-themed products will be sold and used to promote the team and foster a sense of inclusion for fans who are not attending the matches.

Targeted products don’t need to be from the official merchandise website. To tailor own styles, products from other companies which promote the events will also be a go-to to match costs and desired aesthetics.

“I bought an England bucket hat, but it’s more of a statement. I’ll never wear it again.” One woman in Manchester jokingly says.

There is a strong connection between sporting events and betting, with increased activity anticipated. As one respondent mentioned, a portion of their budget will go towards gambling over merchandise. Betting companies capitalise off this already, and are already the featured sponsorship for many competitions.

Engage by Leveraging Sports Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a major draw for watchers this summer. Pubs and sports bars can tap into this and engage with fans with themed nights and events, while brands have the opportunity to sponsor at major fan parks to boost brand visibility.

Alternatively, with many planning to host gatherings, there is a significant opportunity for food retailers for BBQ essentials and party suppliers. This demand will surge with fans if England performs well, as watchers will feel more invested as the competition goes on, further driving sales in food and beverage.

Broadcasters can relish the increase in views. Famously, BBC broadcasts the Olympics and Paralympics, which most of our respondents said they’re excited to watch at home with their families, as it’s seen as a family event.

“I’ll watch it at home with my family to be fair, especially the olympics because it’s on all day but the Euros games, especially the England matches, I’ll go to the pub.”

While other respondents will enjoy the football with friends, either in the pub, or hosting a viewing and bbq at home to escape the busyness.

Strategic Opportunities for Brands

Enhance Brand Visibility

Use engaging video content to showcase products, share customer testimonials, and create dynamic advertisements tailored to these sporting events.

Create Engaging Fan Experiences

Capture the memorable experiences you create for fans. Use video to highlight your impact during sports this summer, use for promotion or for research.


The excitement towards sports this summer is palpable. Cricket, tennis and F1 are also expected to draw in fans and create a unique opportunity for brands to ride on this excitement and connect with passionate audiences. By leveraging consumer insights, companies can develop targeted strategies that enhance engagement and drive sales.

Written By
Stephanie Earnshaw
Marketing and Strategy Manager

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