Over recent times we have seen a huge change in how we connect with our consumer. From the uptake in online communities to the rise in the power of social media. All of it has seen individuals better connected and products better communicated, making it so much easier for everyone to see what is loved, and what is hated.

So, we set out on our latest Vox Pop Pool to get the consumers’ point of view. Asking key questions surrounding reviews, influencers, and social media trends.

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How important are reviews?


Immediately it is clear, whether it’s a product or service, reviews and opinions matter greatly. Especially concerning more luxury, higher-priced items. Perhaps to be expected. With the soaring cost of living parallel to the freedom of information found online, of course, we are going to look up comparisons for those items which are going to cause greater damage to our wallets.

Another huge factor is convenience. There has been a massive consumer shift away from the High street over the past two decades, now almost cemented by the pandemic. Online reviews influence shoppers through security, that someone like them has seen or tried a product, where they have not been able to.

Are influencers really influencing?

Yes,  not that the consumer wants them to. Pop culture has always been an obsession for most consumers, this is now just personified through influencers. People want to wear and use what is popular, a trend that has been used forever, whether that be sporting icons or movie stars to promote the latest perfume, soft drink, or whatever. It just happens that through the power of social media, we now have a lot more famous faces. So, it’s no surprise that we are feeling the effects of influence more than ever. It’s everywhere.

Do social trends make consumers purchase?

If something is trending on social media then that means it has also been engulfed by the consumer, influencers, and reviews. Not only making it very tempting to participate but also wide open to critics. If anything is trending it also probably means it is part of current popular culture. Again, fuelling a common consumer need to be part of what is current.

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