Video Animation is a relatively new and unknown tool of communication for the clients we work with. We look at the challenges and benefits of using animation in business, which are often knowing how and when to use it. Here are a few examples of the ways in which some of our clients are currently using this style of video across their organisations.

For internal training and guidance purposes

Animations ensure consistent messages are delivered across a business. These types of videos can feature customer trends, seasonal events and new product innovations that are soon to be launched.

To communicate with customers on Sensitive subject matter

Over 25 animations have now been produced for the Co-Operative Funeral Care to communicate with their customers on a variety of sensitive subject matters. A certain style has been created in line with Co-op’s brand guidelines and each animation adheres to this. All animations are available on their website and are a nice way to build customer trust and loyalty.

To Showcase new products or customer surveys

Quite often an internal conference is a great forum for showing video animation. Virgin Active wanted to communicate findings and implications from a Visitor Survey. VPI created a fun and upbeat video to showcase the results and was viewed by a wide internal audience.

Similarly, animation can showcase a new product launch. By combining key stats and graphics it is the ideal medium for a customer proposition and can stand apart from competitor presentations. Nelson’s have recently used animation in this way.

To Visualise large research projects for greater internal cut through

Research budgets are nearly always put towards uncovering new insight. Budget is far less often put towards how this insight is communicated across a business for maximum impact and action.

The BBC is an organization that bucks this trend. They have done recent research projects on gender and the media, and Christmas. The implications are far-reaching across the BBC and animations have therefore been used to communicate and illustrate the research findings.

To Utilize Audio Call Centre feedback via Kinetic Text

Call centres are often where employees understand the customer best. They are on the phone listening to feedback on a regular basis. But clients are often at a loss for what to do with all this audio feedback they are getting from customers.

Camelot recently created an animation that used Kinetic Text to illustrate their call centre feedback. The audio throughout the animation used customer voices and the kinetic text illustrated what was being said. This is a great way to utilize call centre customer insight.

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