£810m spent last year, this year it’s expected to be £1bn – watch our latest animation to find out more about Black Friday.

Last year, an astounding £810 million was splurged during the Black Friday frenzy, a testament to the insatiable consumer appetite for deals and discounts. However, as we gear up for this year’s retail extravaganza, the stakes are higher, with projections soaring to an eye-watering £1 billion in expected spending.

This exponential growth in expenditure reflects not only the increasing popularity of this shopping event but also the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior and market trends. With consumers eagerly awaiting the opportunity to snag bargains on everything from electronics to fashion, Black Friday has become a pivotal moment for both retailers and shoppers alike.

To delve deeper into this phenomenon and its impact on the retail landscape, our latest animation serves as a comprehensive guide. From exploring the origins of Black Friday to dissecting its influence on consumer psychology, our animation offers valuable insights into this annual shopping frenzy.

As retailers strategise to maximise their Black Friday profits, consumers are primed to capitalise on unprecedented discounts and promotions. However, amidst the excitement and frenzy of the shopping spree, it’s crucial to navigate the marketplace with caution and mindfulness.

Beyond the allure of discounted prices, Black Friday underscores broader socioeconomic implications, including issues of sustainability, ethical consumption, and the widening digital divide. Our animation sheds light on these critical topics, prompting viewers to consider the broader ramifications of their purchasing decisions.

Whether you’re a seasoned Black Friday veteran or a curious observer looking to understand the phenomenon, our animation is an indispensable resource. Join us as we unpack the complexities of Black Friday and embark on a journey through the highs, lows, and everything in between of this unparalleled shopping spectacle.

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