Business Animation Services

Work with VPI’s in-house animation studio to create high-quality business animations that visualise data, explain information and compel audiences. Animation can make even the most mundane messages fun, engaging and easy to understand.  Increase comprehension by communicating visually and tell a captivating story.  VPI offers different levels of business animations to suit every budget, so get in touch to find out how we can help!

1. Engaging Explainer Animations

At least 65% of people are visual learners. Explainer animations ensure key learnings are understood and remembered. Whether you chose to include characters, text, or charts, this animation approach is well suited to educate your audience using a helpful and guiding tone. We make sure that your audience stays heavily engaged with your message through the creation of an exciting animation full or personality and wherever possible, some humour. 

Connection with the target audience is also key. 84% of consumers said they had been convinced to buy a product or service because of an explainer video. The added detail of the animation makes sure the content is specifically tailored to them. Ensuring that your message is audience pays attention throughout and that your message is received. 

Create animation that encourages action!

Mind Case Study

Engage your audience with unique visualisation!

Innocent Drinks Case Study

2. Next-level Social Media Content

Elevate your social media posts with animations, helping you to not only engage current audiences but also attract new followings through videos which truly stands out. Animation allows you to maximise the reach of your social campaigns as posts with video are proven to have 48% more views. 

Animations are also highly versatile and hold great re-usability across all digital platforms. GIF ‘clip-ability’ is one way to get the most out of animation by referencing your campaign all year round, while also being a simply amazing way to spice up previous space for still images! See our Innocent Drinks social campaign and cases study to the left – produces in 2 different languages, 3 versions, and 4 aspect ratios. 

3. Memorable Insight Summaries

Deliver research summaries with powerful animations which can be relied upon for the long haul. 

Presentations can often be arduous and disengaging affairs, but animation allows you to bring your work to life by creating memorable content, which can be relied upon and revisited, time and time again. Don’t let your research go unnoticed, bring it to life with eye-catching animations which rightly show off your work! 

Present your research with personality!

Watch our explainer

Create hundreds of animations at the click of a button!

Watch our explainer

4. Ground-breaking Automated Animations

Automated animations draw on spreadsheet data and use it to create animated videos that visualise your data. When your data updates, refresh your video at the click of a button! 

No more boring powerpoint! Bring your data to life with compelling and memorable content. Use automated animation to:

  • Create hundreds of animations the click of a button,, to match different datasets
  • Communicate market specific data with ease
  • Refresh your animation regularly to sync with changing data 

5. Impressive Personalised Animation

If increasing engagement is your goal, a personalised animation service is the best tool for you. Include your customers’ names, policy info, perks & benefits, purchase history, and any other data that’s personal to them. Address your audience directly and communicate information unique to each recipient!

Not only does this engage your audience, but it shows just how much they mean to you! That tiny bit more effort to involve your audience pays dividends in levels of customer retention and satisfaction. See our Co-op Insurance policy video and case study to the right. 

Make your audience know they matter!

Co-op case study

Bring mundane data to life!

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6. Exciting Data Visualisation

Animation can bring life and vibrancy to large quantities of statistics or even inaccessible data. Our animations focus on the most important elements of your data, we simplify it where possible, explain it, and give your audience the time they need to digest the critical information you’ve collected. 

We’ve produced data visualisations for brands across a wide variety of sectors, including Retail, Automotive, Media, Finance, Insurance, and the one thing they all have in common is the need to get their organisation to take notice of important data that could otherwise be lost in a sea of pie charts and line graphs. Please get in touch to explore how you can make people sit up and take notice of your important data!