Our Objective

After an unprecedented year in healthcare, the upcoming Health Service Journal Partnership Awards (HSJ Awards) was always going to be an important time to honour those who had made such a difference to patients’ lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the running for the Best Healthcare Provider Partnership with the NHS award, Spire Healthcare were edging towards the final stages of the competition. To make it through the final round, they needed to present to the judges and illustrate the all important role they played in assisting and partnering with the NHS to combat Covid-19. With this objective, VPI supported Spire by creating a short video which could be incorporated into their presentation and leave viewers with a lasting impression.

Our Approach

The video needed to illustrate the great teamwork and collaboration between Spire and the NHS, so we wanted to hear directly from the people who made it happen; Spire colleagues.

During this period Covid-19 restrictions were still in place, so face to face filming was not feasible. As a video production company we focussed on online or self-filmed interviews. Online interviews using Zoom was the approach selected for the Spire Film. This was also much more convenient for Spire colleagues who were engaged in important work and taking part required no more than 15 minutes of their time for a quick conversation.

Over the course of a full day we interviewed 12 colleagues about their experiences and asked them: “What makes you most proud about the support Spire has provided during the pandemic?”

The final 1.5 minute video featured heartfelt accounts of their experiences collaborating with the NHS. The video helped to engage the judges with Spire’s presentation by bringing them to life in a visual way.

The Results

On the 29th June, it was announced that Spire Healthcare had been named the Best Healthcare Provider Partnership with the NHS at the HSJ Partnership Awards, recognising their outstanding contribution and hard-work over the past 15 months.

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