Using mobile diaries to present customer insight

PepsiCo wanted to bring to life a special family occasion – the ‘big night in’ – to present at a company-wide workshop. The objective of the workshop was to explore how PepsiCo feature in family occasion-based moments. The video was created to introduce the topic and encourage conversation, by presenting an authentic and intimate window into their consumers’ homes.

Through video diaries with 4 UK families, we produced an engaging and insightful film that showed the entire evening, from preparation through to clean up. Respondents filmed themselves on their mobile devices, capturing key moments, as well as all the food and drinks they bought and consumed across the night. We collated this footage and compiled it to create an engaging edit that captured the key insights.

Mobile ethnography projects like this can be used to a number of effects by insight teams. Firstly, the entirety of the collected footage can be delivered as pure research. This footage can be uploaded to segmentation portals, tagged, made filterable and re-usable as an insight resource. This footage can also be edited into ‘long-edits’ that summarise different themes, questions, moments, pain-points and other topics of customer insight.

Additionally, as with this project for PepsiCo, the footage can be compiled into short summary edits that present a quick overview to colleagues around your business, to introduce a topic, visualise your customers’ homes and environments and improve customer-centricity.

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