Using video for learning & development

The passionate learning and development team from M&S Food approached us to create a number of training videos to deliver different messages as part of their on-going training programme.

The Welcome To The Team project was our first opportunity to work with M&S Food and was aimed at new members of the team. The purpose of the videos was to get the new staff engaged and energised with the brand as well as embedding some key understanding surrounding what it’s like to work in M&S Food. The videos were built into a training workshop for these new team members to set the scene for the tone of the workshop.

Following this project, we created a number of other video productions that have been used to sell Learning & Development into the wider business by capturing the essence of their workshop and product innovation processes. The videos have had a tangible impact, increasing workshop subscriptions to the point where they are oversubscribed, as well as causing a notable impact on peoples’ enthusiasm in the workshop.

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