How TWE captured Dutch consumers’ reactions to Blossom Hill Wine

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), in its expansion efforts, recently acquired Blossom Hill, a renowned brand in the wine industry. To effectively penetrate the Dutch market, TWE sought insights from women in Amsterdam regarding the taste and packaging of Blossom Hill wines. Vox Pops International, known for its innovative approaches to consumer research, offered a variety of methods for product testing, each with distinct advantages. For this particular project, TWE opted for set-up interviews with pre-recruited consumers.

This approach provided a unique opportunity to engage deeply with the target demographic. By spending ample time with each participant, we not only collected feedback on their perceptions of Blossom Hill wines but also delved into broader consumer insights. These extended interviews allowed for a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences, behaviors, and attitudes towards wine consumption.

The insights garnered from these interviews served a dual purpose. Firstly, they provided valuable feedback on the taste and packaging of Blossom Hill wines, aiding TWE in refining its offerings to better suit the Dutch market. Additionally, the in-depth discussions facilitated the identification of broader consumer trends and preferences, which could be leveraged to inform marketing strategies and strengthen brand positioning.

Moreover, by demonstrating alignment between the participants’ feedback and the target audience for Blossom Hill wines, TWE was better equipped to communicate the brand’s appeal to retailers. This validation of consumer preferences not only bolstered TWE’s credibility but also increased retailers’ confidence in stocking and promoting Blossom Hill wines.

In essence, the collaboration between TWE and Vox Pops International exemplifies the value of consumer-centric research in driving successful market expansion strategies. By capturing Dutch consumers’ reactions to Blossom Hill wines and gaining deeper insights into their preferences, TWE is poised to establish a strong presence in the Dutch wine market, catering to the tastes and expectations of its target audience.

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