Happy Egg – Case Study

“A happy hen is key to having great eggs”

(Lisa Hölzl)

The Aim

Happy Egg’s Heritage product stands out among its competitors and is renowned for its distinctly different look and taste. Their chocolate brown and light blue shells, as well as their incredibly tasty deep amber yolks, are loved by high end chefs and at-home foodies in the US and abroad. The story of why these eggs look and taste so good though was previously untold and starts with one man’s choice to do things differently.

In early 2023 we started work with Happy Egg on a brand documentary to tell this origin story. Our journey involved visiting Germany and Austria to speak with family and friends of the person who started a pioneering stance to egg production, Ludwig Hölzl.

“He had this idea of being different”

(Lisa Hölzl)

The Happy Egg Story

In rural Munich we spoke to Ludwig’s daughter Lisa Hölzl. Her interview would form the backbone of our documentary, helping to paint a picture of her father’s passion for birds, how he wanted to care for them differently and produce an egg with quality as the first and foremost priority. We also spoke with scientists who partnered with Ludwig to breed the best chickens possible, focusing on two breeds that would become the renowned Heritage breeds – the Speckled Legbar and the Copper Maran.

“It was his mentality to get us there”

(Lisa Hölzl)

As the business grew those within the industry took note of Ludwig’s approach and our crew visited small farms in neighboring Austria to speak with farmers who were struck by Ludwig’s unique passion and who established their own flocks of the same Heritage breeds. These farms, situated in the rolling hills of the Germany Austria border allowed our team to capture shots of the free range birds alongside stunning vistas of this gorgeous part of Europe. Our team also delved into how Ludwig established his all important partnership with Happy Egg, and how they undertook the trailblazing task of flying hatching eggs from Europe into the US, helping to develop the Heritage breeds in the United States. Central to this was Ludwig’s drive to make it happen, overcoming administrative and regulatory barriers in pursuit of sharing his approach to eggs with more of the world.

“There’s a lot of love from my father in those birds”

(Lisa Hölzl)

This effort and Ludwig’s legacy lives on, with the Heritage eggs still being loved by US consumers to this day, but the documentary concludes with the emotional weight felt by Lisa as Ludwig’s health sadly deteriorated, looking to his daughter to take over the reigns before his passing. Despite scaling back and shutting down their hatchery Lisa talks of her and her families’ joy at how the Hölzl name is still proudly associated with these Heritage eggs, stating this is what he always wanted.

Happy Egg Vox Pops Client Case Study

Happy Egg Case Study – The Approach and Result

While we knew our interviews would drive the story and shots of the current farms and flocks would provide context we needed to find a way to paint a picture of Ludwig’s passion and family life. To tell this emotional story we asked Lisa and her Mother to share old stills and videos of the early days of their family business and these proved to be such important and endearing additions, with Lisa and her siblings surrounded by chicks on their farm as a child, and Ludwig proudly carrying hens.

“You have some wonderful and professional people! I had a blast working with them.”

(Lisa Hölzl)

The video was shared on Happy Egg’s socials and Youtube.The final brand documentary sheds light on the untold story of Happy Egg’s heritage and why there’s a really good reason that its flagship product is called just that – Heritage.

“Your team has done a great job”

(Lisa Hölzl)

Written By
Peter Norris
Creative Director

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